How do we use Mobile Phones for the Preparation of Examinations?

We all have used our mobile phones for preparing for an examination. Whether checking whether the syllabus has been updated, solving a calculus problem, or doing an elaborate calculation on speed and distance, it can be done easily with the help of a mobile phone.

However, some students would still like to follow the conventional methods of preparation and create online courses check their books or go through their notes which are either kept in binders or physically present in their classrooms. Moreover, they may prefer to go through prior test papers that they had obtained from teachers or courses as well as course manuals provided by them with diagrams given alongside every question so that they can develop a good understanding of each topic abstracted before taking any exams.

How to do it, and then what should be done in which way?

This article aims to provide some notes on how to use mobile phones for the preparation of examinations, especially in the case of Board Examinations. Also, since there are quite many mobile phone brands in the market selling different models, it is often difficult to make a comparison. Therefore this article first sorts out the various models of mobile phones available in the market right now and then puts some general tips that may help all students preparing for the examinations in one place.

First and foremost, we must know why using mobile phones for exams is important, only after that, we can make all necessary preparations so that our exam goes as planned.

Why would my phone stop working if I use it during an examination?

At the time of an examination, we often come across a question or two that we are unable to solve. It is at such moments that our mobile phone is a great help to us as it allows us to answer questions easily. But the problem arises when a mobile phone rings during an examination. This could happen due to various reasons such as when someone calls you urgently or if the call is missed; you might get irritated and may interrupt the exam so that you can attend the call. If your friend calls you then he may not stop calling unless you answer his call, at this point your mobile phone becomes your biggest enemy.

What are the main issues that arise as a result of using mobile phones during exams?

Firstly, it is important to realize that during an examination, you should do all your work on the new notes from the books, not on your mobile phone. Secondly, intentional or unintentional distractions such as simple phone calls will annoy you and make it difficult for you to concentrate and will ruin the whole session of preparation. Thirdly and most importantly, if someone interrupts a lesson with a call, then one cannot concentrate properly on the material being learned and you can not be selling online courses.

Why should we be careful when using our mobiles while preparing for exams?


The material taught in the classroom is very important to every student because a student wants to maximize his results by completing the syllabus correctly. At the same time, an A grade does not come easily, and it demands a lot of hard work. Thus if you use your mobile phone during preparation for exams, then chances are that you might get distracted. This can be very dangerous as it may lead to many problems like forgetting important facts or data while solving questions. Moreover, it is considered very rude if a student uses a mobile during an examination.