How Do I Create My Own Digital Signature?

How is it possible to create an online signature? What is it actually about? This is an identifier that requires a digital certificate before it can be used. It can be issued by certified commercial centers, specialized institutions, corporations, and government agencies. There are ready-to-use tools that can be used to draw specific details.  

Signatures are used in several cases. One of the examples is when users apply for a mortgage or other banking services. Or when dealing with other documents that are associated with real estate (renting or buying and selling real estate). Another point is the conclusion of an agreement with suppliers. Paper copies are not required when using electronic methods. 

Most often the signature consists of passwords and a set of symbols. It can be used when applying for a bank card. Access to the account is given at the moment of registration. A code is sent to the cell phone number for confirmation purposes. 

How to Create an Electronic Signature

You should not draw the signature using your finger or a computer mouse. To create an electronic signature, special software is used in most cases. The entire process consists of five steps.

  1. First of all, you need to open the official webpage of the service provider.
  2. Download the document to be signed.
  3. During the first step, add a signature.
  4. Drag and drop its digital version.
  5. Upload the document after clicking on “Done”.

At this point, the document is ready to be sent, for instance, by e-mail. The document has the same legal force as the paper version. It is protected by various legislative acts. The possibility for the document to be subject to falsification is minimized. 

Advantages of Electronic Signature

When you take advantage of this option and create the document, you can see that it has not been changed since it was drafted. It is important not to make any updates. In case of any modifications, there may be irregularities in the file. Signature verification depends on the specific country and the legislation it is subject to. Most often certificates are used for this purpose. They contain information about further usage.

In practice, it is impossible to tamper with the signature. To do it, one has to figure out the encryption algorithm. In addition to the increased security, the advantages include the ability to speed up the work. Documents are created and sent to clients in a few minutes. Another point is that there are no unreadable characters. Thanks to this, the signature is instantly readable. Another advantage is convenience. Users don’t have to buy filing cabinets. They can be kept in the computer as an archive.

The document management system can be converted into an electronic format. The bookkeeping of trade activities, as well as the provision of various services, is simplified. As a result, entrepreneurs spend less time. The emergence of financial risks is minimized. Storage and further maintenance costs are reduced. Such documents are allowed to be filed with government agencies. 

Using Benefits is a platform that has been developed for the facilitation and simplification of the performance of various tasks and operations. It opens on any device (computers, tablets, or cell phones). One of the essential advantages is security. SSL encryption protocols are used for file transfer. The key length is 256 bits. 

You can make the signature in the cloud without wasting the resource of the device (PC or phone). Users do not need to download any program. A document is signed in a matter of seconds. All that’s required is to download and send it. The application works with any browser or operating system. No special services are required to use it.