Gamers: Optimizing Your Internet Connection

Gaming is extremely popular right now; you only need to look at the growth of eSports and the latest releases across all platforms to know this. In particular, online gaming remains highly successful by connecting players worldwide. Having a positive online gaming experience relies on a stable internet connection. If you currently suffer from game lag, you may need to optimize your broadband – continue reading to find out more.

Place Your Router Correctly

Although invisible, your Wi-Fi doesn’t work on ghost logic, meaning it won’t travel through walls and obstacles. Therefore, you should carefully consider your router’s placement. For the best results, put your router in an open space away from other devices and obstacles. If you can, affixing it to your wall is a great idea.

Connected Devices

As well as placement, you should ensure there aren’t too many devices connected. Many broadband packages come with dual-band, which means you can split devices across 2GHz and 5GHz. Typically, smartphones and other low-data devices should be connected to 2GHz, while your more intensive devices are left to benefit from 5GHz.

Activate Quality of Service (QoS)

Internet service providers (ISPs) understand that everyone has different properties when they connect. Therefore, many routers come with quality of service (QoS) activations, which lets you assign a usage preference for bandwidth. For example, if you set QoS to gaming, your router will favor gaming tasks over other browsing and streaming.

Stick to Your Region

Online gaming relies on strong connections to the best ovh game servers, which are located worldwide. Depending on the game, you can enter the settings and set the server location to whichever is closest. For example, if you play Dark Souls 3, you will find a setting called “Matchmaking”. If you’re in America and switch this to on, you will connect with gamers from Europe. Whereas, if you turn it off, only players in the US will connect, which will speed up the gaming experience.

Switch to Ethernet

If you’ve tried all means of boosting your Wi-Fi speed but you’re still facing serious game lag, it’s time to consider switching to ethernet. When you plug your console or computer directly into your router, you will always receive higher speeds because you aren’t relying on traveling waves. If your computer won’t reach the router, you can invest in a TP-Link, which will turn any plug socket into an ethernet port.

Change ISP Provider

After exhausting everything else on this list, it’s time to look into your ISP provider, who may be responsible for slower speeds. Investigate different providers in your local area, and you will often find a more suitable service for gaming. For example, if you’re in the California area, take a look at this Vista ISP.

Improving your internet speed will guarantee a more positive gaming experience. There are many different ways to optimize your broadband for gaming. However, in some cases, your ISP is where the blame lies for your game lag. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to shop around and find a much greater deal.