Distinctive Features of Gambling in France

For gambling enthusiasts with sophisticated and discerning tastes, a visit to France to experience French casinos is a must.

The variety of gambling establishments and slot machine halls across France ensures that every gambler discovers a place that resonates with them. It’s no surprise given that France leads in the number of gambling venues in Europe. With over 150 casinos and gaming halls established, let’s delve into the gambling establishments situated throughout France.

Several French Regulations

For anyone considering a visit to a French casino, there’s a single rule that applies—entry is prohibited for minors.

However, this restriction is only the tip of the iceberg. Casinos themselves are under strict surveillance, adhering to an array of rules. The operations of these gambling houses are overseen by two state bodies—the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France. Every official gambling establishment in France must obtain a five-year license for its operations. To secure a casino license, an establishment must apply to a special commission that regulates gambling activities. This commission comprises fourteen state officials and five employees from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France. Additionally, this ministry holds the authority to revoke a casino’s license if the agreed-upon rules are violated.

Official licenses can only be acquired in select cities across the country. Gambling activities are exclusively permitted in resort cities (climate or terminal resorts) and major tourist cities with a local population exceeding half a million.

While exploring the diverse landscape of French casinos, enthusiasts may also be intrigued by the offerings of online platforms. For those seeking the thrill of gambling from the comfort of their homes, French no-deposit casinos present exciting opportunities.

France’s Largest Casino

The leading gambling house is situated in Enghien-les-Bains (Île-de-France).

Enghien stands as France’s most opulent and stunning casino. Nestled near a picturesque lake, visitors not only indulge in gaming but also revel in the breathtaking natural surroundings. This casino amalgamates gambling, entertainment, and leisure. Operating without closure from four in the evening until four in the morning, entrance tickets range from ten to fifteen euros, varying based on the day of the week and time of day. Inside the gambling establishment, guests can explore restaurants, a bar, a theatrical stage, and a conference hall. While the building was erected long ago, it underwent extensive renovation and complete interior refurbishment in the mid-2000s.

Gambling House near Mont Blanc

The Megève Casino is nestled in one of France’s most picturesque locales. Positioned at the foot of Mont Blanc in Upper Savoy, this establishment offers not only roulette and slot machines but also poker tables, a nightclub for dancing, and a restaurant serving exquisite French cuisine. Consistently ranking among the top five revenue-generating gambling houses in the country, tourists are drawn to its incredible ambiance.

Games in Deauville

This casino occupies a building at the heart of a similarly stunning location. Located in the very center of the city, Barrière de Deauville provides easy access to the legendary beach featured in the iconic French film “A Man and a Woman.” However, it’s not just its location that entices visitors. Inside, luxury and opulence reign supreme, making this casino renowned for its interior design in France.

Jules Verne-style Gambling House

In the commune of Arzon lies a casino named Joa Casino Port Crouesty, captivating gamblers with its resemblance to the world of the famous writer Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.” The gaming hall itself is designed akin to a ship’s hull with portholes. Additionally, there’s a restaurant complex paying homage to the legendary Frenchman.

A “Heavenly” View Gambling House

The French Riviera couldn’t be without a casino, given Nice’s allure to hundreds of thousands of tourists each season. The Casino Barrière Le Ruhl-Nice boasts two gaming halls, three restaurants serving high-end French cuisine, and a bar. Often topping the list of the premier casinos in France, its standout feature is the mesmerizing view of the Bay of Angels.

Gaming in Cannes

Cannes is renowned not only for its film festival but also for the magnificent Croisette Casino Barrière de Cannes situated right by the Palace of Festivals. Operating for over two decades, this casino welcomes all participants and spectators of the Cannes Film Festival for free during the festivities. Consistently ranking among the top ten establishments in France, it houses not just a gaming hall but also a hotel, restaurant, bar, spa center, and nightclub.