Was the Sex and the City Movies a Success?

Sex and the City was a huge success in the days when it was shown on television. Now, two films have been made continuing the story of Sex and the City.

The Storyline in Sex and the City Movies 1 and 2

In the first movie, the story was about Carrie Bradshaw and Big’s wedding with Vogue. Miranda and Steve’s relationship has taken a fall too. Romantically set with some comedy moments, the film was a huge success as it continued on from the hit television series. In the second movie, the girls go to Abu Dhabi for an adventure that is blatantly funny and humorous. The four girls, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte are perfect and extravagant in the film, and it is an interesting chick flick film to see. Their successful lives following on from the television series is rich and lavish to watch with lots of comedy, drama and romance. Their experience of Abu Dhabi doesn’t turn out the way they hoped it would and they realise they cannot wait to get back to New York. For Samantha, Abu Dhabi is not as she expected, as kissing is forbidden in public there, which puts Samantha and all the girls off. Check it out at 123Movies for free.

The Cast and the Setting of Sex and the City 2

Liza Minnelli was briefly in the beginning of Sex and the City 2 when she makes an appearance singing at the girls’ gay friend’s wedding. Liza Minnelli sings Beyonce’s tune titled Single Ladies in great form. The acting from the girls is as it always was in the hit television series, but now they are older and mature. The setting of the film is great when they arrive in Abu Dhabi at a luxurious hotel, which is all expenses paid by a Sheik. The lavish surroundings of the hotel in Abu Dhabi is extravagant, but the outside is not a very women friendly place, as women have to cover up. The actual filming took place in Morrocco as the set of Abu Dhabi, as Abu Dhabi officials would not give their consent for Sex and the City 2 to be filmed there. The title of the film and the sex in the film offended Abu Dhabi, so they would not allow the film to be shown in their country.

Was Sex and the City a Success?

The first film was a success, but the second film had some bad critics stating that the film had offended Muslims in general. Both films were successful in their own way. Whatever the feeling was about the second film, it still did not stop fans of Sex and the City turning up at cinemas to watch it. Over the years, Sex and the City has been a huge success, bringing fans from all over to visit locations of where filming had taken place in New York. The hit series of four chick flick single girls living in Manhattan was astoundingly funny and romantic for many women over the years.

So, these films are still great for anyone to see. It is, generally, a woman’s type of film and made for the fans of Sex and the City.