Business process automation – what is it and why you should implement it?

Business process automation is designed to make daily work easier and faster for companies and organizations. In the age of digital transformation, this solution is being increasingly pursued by more and more enterprises that view automation as an opportunity for faster, more efficient and better-organized work, as well as a way to get rid of common human errors and mistakes. The key to successfully implementing automation in your company is to choose the right IT software to efficiently tackle making the entire process a reality.

How does business process automation support today’s businesses?

The concept of business process automation (or BPA for short) entails a set of activities aimed at improving, speeding up or simply replacing the work carried out exclusively by humans. This innovative, forward-looking concept is made possible thanks to innovative technologies and their ongoing development, which has been particularly rapid in the last decade. Thanks to BPA-class IT solutions, automation on a truly large scale in the enterprise environment has become a reality.

The key objective of business process automation is to improve the efficiency, quality and productivity of a company’s operations. According to studies, business processes automation allows them to reduce the time spent on routine tasks by up to 98%. One of the key advantages of this solution is that it also streamlines the flow of tasks, information, documents and responsibilities between individuals and functions involved in the implementation of a specific process. Deploying automation results in freeing up time that employees can devote to meaningful, creative activities that cannot yet be replaced by modern technology Eastern European Startup Uses Big Data To Automate PR.

Business process automation in practice – which software to choose?

Today, one would be hard-pressed to find anybody who still needs to be convinced that automation is important – it is the conscious choice of most companies that want to thrive, transform their business models and build or maintain a significant competitive advantage in the market. Choosing the right IT solution is key to successfully implementing it in practice. This is because business process automation requires special BPA-class suites, which enable streamlined management, optimization and automation of processes.

Among them, low-code platforms are the best, most scalable, flexible and future-proof options. Who should take a closer look at them? Companies and organizations that are looking not only for software to manage electronic document workflows, but also for a tool that will allow them to automate and digitize their business processes. Top-of-the-line low-code platforms allow them to create and deploy comprehensive and highly functional business applications without as much as writing a single line of code, as well as to adapt them to the ever-changing needs and requirements of the business. What is more, all development is based on agile principles, which further helps companies to maintain their leading positions on the market