Breast reduction surgery

There are many people who do not think that there are women whose breasts are so large that they have to downsize. But in fact, breast reduction surgery is a very common surgery. Normally, the average volume of one breast in Korean women is 200-250 cc. If it is more than 400 cc or more, it may cause problems both physically and mentally. Therefore, You should undergo breast reduction surgery.

Breasts that are too big can cause not only breast, neck, shoulder and back pain. But it can also cause curvature of the spine. In severe cases, the chest will fly down. can cause a red rash on the skin from sweat therefore had to undergo surgery

Breast reduction surgery is more difficult and complicated than breast augmentation surgery เสริมหน้าอก . Surgery must be performed by a specialist surgeon only. The surgery will require general anesthesia. The surgery takes 2-3 hours, can go home the same day and remove stitches 10 days after surgery.

How to check your breast size yourself

Cup size A B C D E

Chest circumference minus the circumference under the bust 10 cm. 12.5 cm. 15 cm. 17.5 cm. 22.5 cm. 25 cm.

E, F, and G cups and above are considered larger than the F G standard.

Who needs breast reduction surgery?

People with very large breasts are embarrassed to be seen.

People whose breasts are so big that they cause stress.

People with neck and back pain due to large breasts

People whose breasts are big and droopy and have a rash.

Causes of breasts that are too big


caused by genetics Hormones that cause large breasts to be secreted too much. causing abnormally large breasts

Breasts may temporarily enlarge from pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. and may be caused by hormonal fluctuations during adolescence


Bigger breasts because of obesity Today’s western lifestyle makes people fatter. and bigger breasts

Breast reduction surgery method

vertical surgical incision

It is a very popular surgical procedure and is used in other breast augmentation. The surgeon removes the birthmark, makes a vertical incision 4-5 centimeters long, then removes the tissue in the breast. It is a surgical method that combines the advantages of hemp surgery and anchor surgery. This method reduces excess skin. and lift sagging breasts This makes the breasts plump and rounder than other methods. After surgery, the patient can breastfeed and not lose the nipple sensation.

Surgical wound on the birthmark

This method is suitable for those whose breasts are not very large and are not severely sagging. Suitable for unmarried women. It takes less surgery, faster recovery, and can help correct sagging breasts. You can still breastfeed after surgery. and have side effects such as infection or low blood clots

Anchor-shaped surgical wound

This method works well in cases where the breasts are very large and sagging. Including the case of having to reduce the size of the breast a lot It cuts the birthmark and cuts a straight scar downwards like an anchor. Then the tissue, including the skin, must be removed. and must adjust the position of the lower birthmark to be higher Even though the wound is so long that it may leave scars But the scar will gradually fade and stay at the base of the breast. make it unclear


If the breast is very fat Liposuction can be used to reduce breast size. It works well for breasts that are not sagging. and the skin has good flexibility. The breasts will be smaller without scars. The patient was satisfied with the results.

Precautions for breast augmentation surgery

  1. When taking a shower, the wound must not be covered with water for 1 day after surgery.
  2. Avoid going to saunas or public baths for 1 month after surgery.
  3. Avoid strenuous exercise for 1 month after breast augmentation surgery. but can do light exercises such as jogging
  4. Refrain from drinking and smoking 2 weeks before the surgery and 4 weeks after the breast augmentation surgery.

The breasts consist mainly of adipose tissue. With supporting muscles included We can do chest muscle lifting exercises to support the chest with the “Bust UP” tube because the shape of the breast is influenced by the pectoral muscles. Working out bigger chest muscles will help prevent sagging breasts. Clasp your hands at chest level while inhaling. Hold for 10 seconds and exhale slowly as you do this for better results. neck and collarbone slender Enhance the breasts to look more beautiful. Use your palms to stroke from the inside of the collarbone to the sides along the bone. to encourage lymph nodes excrete waste

In addition, bras are important in achieving perfect breasts. After breast augmentation surgery, you must choose a bra that is the right size by measuring 3 parts as follows: (1) the size around the underarm area (2) the chest size at the nipple level (3) the size under the nipple line The size under the chest is 3 parts. P is 2 minus 3, if less than 1 inch is a cup, M4 is a 1 inch negative is A cup, 2 inch is a cup : 3 inch is a C cup, 4 inch is a D cup, and A negative of 5 inches is an F cup, respectively.