Best website builders for SEO


Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an experienced entrepreneur, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for a business. It determines whether your website content will get an audience. It extends our need for an SEO builder.

BrightEdge says SEO generates 1,000% or more traffic than organic social media. That is one of the main reasons why we need to choose a good website builder. The platform will not only make world easy to build a website, but it will also support the business to increase its search results.

SEO is an effective and very important factor in an online business. Therefore, SEO builder selection becomes an important decision. The following article will guide you in choosing the best website builder for SEO for your business.

What is SEO, and Why it is important

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a process to improve one’s site. One can improve the visibility to the audience of their online website once they start using SEO. The better the visibility becomes, the more the reach to the audience is possible through SEO.

A digital marketing platform is an SEO, as trillions of people search to know more about products, goods, and services. Searching on the internet has become feasible and effective for them. It gives strong support to other means of marketing. The SEO rank helps you get an edge over your competition.

Altogether, SEO gives strong boundaries and a foundation to the marketing system. In sum, SEO is the foundation of a holistic marketing ecosystem. Thus, it is always wise to pick the best SEO builder as this will set a good path for marketing a brand, product or service online.

Top SEO builders

1. Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform is a newbie when it comes to SEO website-building platforms. The platform has been more efficient, and the best alternatives of various platforms like Weebly, GoDaddy, Shopify etc. The platform helps an eCommerce or other website provide the best other logistic support. Fynd Platform is affordable and user-friendly, and it is the best for creating a new website and increasing traffic to your website.

Different websites rank the platform at 4.9 out of 5 and 9.9 out of 10. Its users have praised it for giving them basic, modified, and more technical features for SEO. It helps create an online store and is also feasible for dropshipping. The Fynd Platform is competitive and is given positive reviews by big companies. After Fynd Platform, there are other SEO platforms that help users build their websites.

2. WIX

Wix is counted among the top SEO builders. All features, including its meta descriptions, custom URLs, image Alt attributes, header code, social media connectors, canonical tags, and SEO-specific apps, are found in Wix.

Wix has been observed and marked and improved overall by 14 points, surpassing GoDaddy, Weebly, and WordPress. It has scored 5/5 for SEO; some have even given 87 out of 100 to Wix.

The platform has been considered user-friendly. However, compared to the Fynd Platform, it has a low AI design.

A Wix platform improves your Google rank and makes it simpler for people to find it online. Including all these points, Wix does need improvements in it.

As mentioned above, there are better platforms like Fynd Platform, which are performing much better than Wix.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace is a tall, dark, and dashing enigma of the website builder industry. Its SEO tools are complex and effectively integrated.

Squarespace does offer some useful features more effectively than Wix; for example, Squarespace needs to be integrated into the website editor.

As a result, if you are new, you might only need to perform a little searching to locate the information you need.

The “Search Keywords” tab on Squarespace also provides keyword support, allowing one to observe which search phrases bring in the most visitors.

Again this capability of this website builder makes it unique and competitive with Wix. These give you a better understanding of how and what your SEO is doing to increase the visibility of your website.

Squarespace can be difficult to use, depending on the template you use. Because some themes only let you add a caption, it can take time to identify where to place alt text.

It’s not immediately obvious, but the caption serves as your alt text. However, some platforms like Fynd Platform won’t trouble you with the efficiency of using the themes and templates.


An easy-to-use platform, WordPress offers different pricing plans to its users. WordPress increases the accessibility of the platform. The number of SEO features that one gets will differ from its very basic plan to the most premium one.

The plan varies from the basic $4.00/month to the business plan of $25.00/month. A user can also use a free plan which will provide basic features to its users.

WordPress is counted amongst the top five website builders. The speed of the platform holds an edge over other competitive sites.

However, the platform can still be improved and modified, and it has been ranked 3 on 5 by different platforms. Platforms like Fynd Platform are doing better than WordPress compared to all the other features of the platform.

5. Weebly

Another famous website-building site is Weebly. Weebly is a builder which is easy to navigate and is more effective than other websites.

Many different features of SEO are given by the platform, like other website builders that also give meta titles, descriptions, URLs, and other important texts for building a website.

The Weebly website builder has been praised for its different features. However, many users have complained about the lack of mobile optimisation in the Weebly platform.

Weebly is not a mobile-friendly website and often gives a bad view of the website on mobile phones. The strong platform also needs to allow you to customise alt text on the images of the product, which is an important feature while selling products online.

Fynd Platform, which is a newly launched website builder, gives a good representation of the platform of the website on mobile phones and also does not lack in providing alt text in the product’s images. The Weebly site’s demerits give it a 72 out of 100 by many websites. The easy-to-use website is popular and overall provides good SEO tools.

6. GoDaddy

The GoDaddy platform is a popular website; it is easy to use and gives it a 4.1 out of 5. The GoDaddy website is simple and has many different SEO features. It has an amazing speed of 0.3 seconds while loading a website and is ranked 83 in one of the performance tests.

The platform has various advantages: all its different features vary from its free plan to its premium plan. The site charges an affordable $6.99/month for its premium plan while providing all the many SEO features.

GoDaddy website is a feasible option for using affordable sites providing most of the SEO tools. Unfortunately, like the Fynd Platform, GoDaddy features are nonexistent and need upgrading more often. Also, the provided features could be more capable and efficient compared to other platforms.


With an increase in technology and eCommerce websites, there is an ardent requirement for website builders for Search Engine Optimisation. The Market is full of different builders. The article gives the reader a brief of top website builders.

All the website mentioned above builders has their merits as well as demerits. However, all of them are the most efficient ones in the market.

Amongst the list, Fynd Platform is the most effective platform with affordable prices as well as top effective features for SEO.

The platform allows users to customise their website meta description and other important strategies that rank their website top in the SEO result.


1. Which page builder is best for

Ans. The Fynd Platform platform is the best website for SE, 9.9  out of 10, the highest form. It is user-friendly and provides most of the effective SEO tools.

2. Is Wix good for SEO?

Ans. Yes, Wix is one of the top website builders for SEO. It is easy to use and provides features of customised meta descriptions. It is an SEO-specific app and provides social media integration.

3. Is Wix or Squarespace better for SEO?

An. Wix is better than Squarespace. Wix is easy to use and ranked 4.4, whereas Squarespace is ranked 4.0.

Wix increases the SEO of a website when adding products. However, the increase in the number of products does not affect SEO.

4. Is WordPress the best website builder for SEO?

Ans. WordPress is counted among the top website builders. However, other platforms, like the Fynd Platform, are more efficient.

5. Is SEO on GoDaddy worth it?

Ans. Yes, GoDaddy is an efficient website to use. It is affordable and provides various tools for building SEO.