While browsing for something on the internet, you use your normal browser right like Chrome or Firefox? Then from time and again you must have faced some annoying issues like:

  • the slowing down of your internet speed,
  • sites being not available in your region due to the content they present you with and,
  • even certain movies not being available on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, HBO Max or any other OTT platform due to your country of origin.

All of these annoying problems can be solved if you download VPN Software.

Don’t know much about it?

No fret! keep reading!


As we just mentioned, a VPN is a virtual private network. Meaning it is network that directly connects you to the internet through a protected gateway.

A protected gateway will ensure that you remain protected from the threats on the internet that can make your browsing experience the worst.

There are a lot of types of VPNs that are used by different professionals to do different varieties of work. And the one used normally is called remote access VPN.

It connects your phone, laptop, tablet or PC with a local area intranet which we normally call the internet, directly.

So convenient, right!

With that being said, lets know some more benefits of downloading and using a VPN for your daily browsing.

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Downloading VPN software can be real deal and solution of lot of concerns. Lets find out the details.

1.    Protection From Pop-Ups

Ever wondered why so many pop-up ads bombard your screen while browsing?

Well, this happens as when you browse using your normal browser without VPN protection. The sites you visit and the applications you use on your device store and track your activity on the internet and then display pop-ups according to it.

A VPN prevents this from happening.

2.    Protection From Hackers

Another threat are the hackers. Hackers can get hold of your sensitive information like passwords and bank details that you enter on the internet to do stuff.

If that happens your assets and privacy can be jeopardized. A VPN hides your private information thus keeping you safe.

3.    Helps In Maintaining Internet Speed

Remember we mentioned about the internet speed getting slow?

Well, this happens because your internet service provider can track you on internet. They tend to slow down your speed after some time when you approach your daily data limit.

A VPN will prevent this because under VPN protection. Even your internet service provider won’t be able to track how much data you have consumed. And, thus won’t be able to alter the speed.

4.    VPN Offers Encryption

Now your internet service provider and some sites can also slow you down. This happens because some sites have content that are age appropriate or some activities on internet are bit shady and your internet service provider is able to see all of this.

A VPN offers encryption that makes you invisible. Meaning your internet service provider cannot see where you are going and thus cannot slow you down.

Moving on, the thing we said about blocked sites or services happens due to geo-blocked services.

This means that depending on your IP address, certain sites and services can be unavailable to you.

A VPN provides you with an IP address of a place where these sites and services are not locked. Thus, you can get access to a lot of extra things.

5.    Helpful For Businessman

If you are a business man then a VPN can make it easy for you to expand your network to support your growing business needs.

With a VPN all you need is login ids and passwords for your employees to give them access to the network you are using. Just time to time bandwidth upgradation will be required which is very cheap compared to a full network upgrade.


So, you see, with a VPN you can be safe and open up a whole new world on the internet without any worries. There are a lot of VPN software available in the market. When buying one just check that it meets all your needs, is compatible with your device and is cost effective. Once you see these things you are good to go.

Happy browsing then!

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