6 High-Tech Innovations That Are Reshaping The Locksmith Industry

Locksmithing is not a new industry. It’s been around forever, being one of the oldest professions. However, the advent of new high-tech innovations is transforming locksmithing. The industry can use technologies and advanced security systems for locks and keyless doors that once were simply unthinkable. Technology is bringing innovative ideas to keep properties and offices much safer than in the past. Nowadays, the locksmith sector revolves around refined electronic security systems replacing traditional keys and locks. These are a child’s play for home burglars – that’s why homeowners demand more effective security systems.

With our article, we want to dive into the ongoing evolution of locksmithing by analyzing the most crucial high-tech lock innovations that ensure top-level property security these days.

1. Digital LocksDigital locks

Digital locks are widely diffused for work buildings. These locks use a four-digit code to unlock a door or a gate. Digital locks are also a popular choice for vacation rentals, for example. Coded locks make the check-in and check-out process much faster without the need for a physical key. Moreover, the owner can easily change the code for the next guest, thus keeping the apartment/house always secure.

2. Electromagnetic Locks

You can unlock a door with an electromagnetic lock system by pressing the release button on the wall near the door. Such locks are often used in hospitals, offices, and medical labs.

3. Smart Locks

Homeowners can control a smart lock from their Smartphones with Bluetooth technology. As you come closer to the door, the lock will automatically open the door for you. Also, the system will lock the door as you walk into your home. Recent car models feature smart locks that work the same way as for home doors. They lock and unlock as the car owner gets as close as a determined distance from the car.

4. IoT-based Locks

Today, locks are part of the IoT-based home security systems. Homeowners can control and communicate with devices at home through the internet. They can control and manage all their home locks remotely, adding a superior property security layer.

5. Fingerprint Sensors

Another high-tech security innovation is fingerprint sensors. The sensor stores your fingerprint in its system, it will automatically unlock and lock your home door as it recognizes your fingerprint. You place your finger on the sensor, it verifies your fingerprint and gives you access to your home in a moment.

6. Biometric Sensors

Biometric sensors are an excellent option for extra security settings. The sensors use the physical characteristics of a person allowed to access the home, and when such a person comes close to the sensors, the door will automatically open to let them come in. 

To Wrap It Up

As locksmithing uses more complex high-tech innovations, homeowners’ quality of life improves dramatically. Traditional locks cannot ensure the same security level as the latest lock systems. Also, they are easy to steal or break. Homeowners who seek advanced security know that old locks aren’t enough to protect their property. That’s why they look for new lock systems or CCTV systems as a deterrent.