6 Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Have

In the competitive market of nowadays, it’s not easy to hire an excellent digital marketer, and not evident to distinguish an excellent digital marketing specialist from a great digital marketer. Skills and information about education look good on a resume, but a digital marketer needs to be able to apply his skills in practice. In this article, you will read seven skills that every marketer should have. 

  • Keeping up with the time 

Internet marketing is constantly evolving. This means that a marketer must continuously learn new things. If you have been following trends, tools, and strategies in 2010, you can no longer be considered a first-class specialist in digital marketing. Your knowledge is outdated.

To sell services online was something different back in 2010 and the market has changed a lot since then. 

2. Intuition

Some think that intuition is either given naturally or is not. Intuition can be developed and acquired with experience. It is important for marketing specialists to be able to solve problems and make decisions based on intuition. If the company needs to be funded because of the lack of budget for essential marketing campaigns or events, marketers should “feel the moment” and ask for the financial support  from the European funding network at the right moment. 

3. Persuasion skills

What is marketing for? Marketing has a purpose to convince a person to buy a product or service, so eloquence will not be excessive. You will have to use this skill, for example, in trying to convince management to test a new promotion tool/channel, conduct research, and invest in some project that will help you achieve your goals. When persuading, try to rely not on emotions but on common sense.

4. Analytical skills

Except for intuition and persuasion skills, the words have to be endorsed with actions. This can be a range of knowledge, from dissolving surveys to understanding the role of social media advertising campaigns. In terms of soft skills, you will be required to interpret data, a skill that only comes with experience. There are a number of trainings that can help you get on the right track.

5. Social skills

It is impossible to work effectively in a digital marketing team without the desire to work together for the benefit of a common goal. Working alone will have a negative impact on both your operations and the entire company. If you are engaged in social networks, then without communication skills, you are nowhere at all. You need to be able to communicate with potential customers and find an approach to them. But do not forget about communication inside the team you work with. Not less important are tools for meeting, which can come to help when working with remote employees and having online meetings with partners. 

6. Being creative

In our diverse world, it isn’t easy to trigger people’s interest: but this is very important for a great digital marketing specialist, always to make people stay tuned. That is why being a creative thinker and giving innovative solutions to problems in the working process is rather important. People love to be surprised, so it is important to feed their interest. The digital marketing specialist’s job is itself creative, so square-thinkers cannot fully succeed in this job.


Top tier marketer is one who is constantly in demand. It is important to be flexible in new situations and conditions, even if it means giving up your strongest principals. Your desire should be to satisfy the needs of your customers, and they can change over the years. Stubbornness and sticking to the same strategies have not served the benefit of any specialist yet. Be willing to learn new things, make mistakes and learn from them. Do not be scared of changes and always move forward to become a demanded specialist in the digital marketing world.