4 reasons you must get an SSL

Believe it or not, despite the push for it over the past few years, some people are still skeptical about whether their website needs SSL. If you’re one of those fence sitters holding off, this is the article for you. We’ll be going through the top four benefits of SSL. Whether you’ve been thinking of buying an SSL from Namecheap.com or another SSL vendor, all these benefits will apply. Let’s dive in.

1. Data protection across the board

While SSL certificates have a whole host of benefits, their primary function is encryption. When a site has an SSL installed on its server, it will create an encrypted link with any client (such as a web browser) trying to access it. Data sent over this encrypted connection is protected from prying eyes. This is especially important if your site asks users for things like credit card or social security numbers. If a malicious actor tries to gain access, all they will see is scrambled letters that make no sense. While SSL is not the only security measure you should get for protecting user data, it is a critical element.

2. Identity affirmation

When you get an SSL, you also must choose a validation level. This is how much work the issuing Certificate Authority will put into verifying you or your company’s existence. There are three validation levels, ranging from basic verification to extensive verification. If your site asks people for personal information, then it’s recommended you go for a higher validation level. This is because users can see information about the company behind the site when they click on the SSL. By seeing this information, they will be able to know that you’re a legit enterprise, and they won’t worry about sharing sensitive data.

3. SEO boost

Search engine optimization can be a lot of work, but with an SSL certificate, you at least have a head start. Many search engines, including Google, consistently rank websites with SSL higher than websites that don’t have SSL. If you care about your site being seen in organic search, then using SSL is one of the must SEO tips.

4. User trust

Users are getting savvier regarding trust markers they should look out for when visiting a new website. The SSL address bar padlock is one of them. If your site doesn’t have an SSL, people may not feel comfortable visiting your site. Furthermore, major web browsers often greet users with a “website not secure” warning when they try to visit a site without SSL. Because of this, not having an SSL could actually lose you visitors.


SSL has become such a key part of website security that it’s more unusual not to have one. Protect user data, affirm your identity, boost your SEO and build user trust by getting your site an SSL today.