3 Things Your Portland Immigration Lawyer Must Know

Immigrating to another country may seem quite subtle, but can be extremely challenging. The amount of paperwork and adherence to laws required can be really complex. The immigration procedure differs among nations and may become more complex due to factors like the type of visa sought, the applicant’s credentials, and the immigration policies of the country. Given such complexities, people often hire immigration attorneys to help them navigate through the process. A lawyer, adept at his job can help you throughout the process of immigration. 

In this blog, let us check out a few stages that are involved in the immigration process.

  • Status 

The initial vital detail your immigration attorney must ascertain is your present immigration standing. Are you presently within the United States, or are you situated outside the nation? If you are within the U.S., did you arrive with a visa, through a form of parole, or without inspection? It’s crucial to establish if you currently hold valid status and what’s the expiry date of your status. So, before you decide on immigration, visit this page for all the latest updates and always remember to check whether you are eligible for immigration.

  • Immigration issues in the past

Past immigration challenges have a substantial impact on identifying the potential immigration benefits you may qualify for. Your attorney should be informed about any visa refusals, cancellations, previous rejections of immigration benefits, secondary inspection instances at entry ports, and even prolonged visa stamp delays. This will help them plan your case better.

  • Criminal background if any

Previous and existing criminal matters can greatly affect your qualification for different immigration benefits. It’s crucial for your immigration attorney to know about any past criminal issues or pending charges you’re confronting, including the jurisdiction where the charge(s) arose. Furnishing this information allows your attorney to evaluate potential consequences, formulate suitable legal tactics, and potentially collaborate with a criminal defense lawyer in the state where the charge arose to determine if the offense falls under the category of moral turpitude.

So, when seeking immigration assistance, your attorney needs to be well-versed in three key areas-your current immigration status, past immigration challenges, and any criminal background. With this crucial information in hand, your attorney can effectively navigate the complexities of the immigration process and work towards achieving your immigration goals. All you need to do is to be transparent in your dealing with your attorney.