Are you involved in an Auto Accident: Here’s what to the next

If you’re reading this article, there’s a high probability that you’re involved in an auto accident. Chances are, you don’t even know it yet. But trust us when we say the sooner you learn about your accident and how to prevent future ones from happening again, the better off you’ll be. 

Auto accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States. Although many people know this, they don’t know what to do if they find themselves involved in one. 

When you are in a automobile accident, it is vital to seek emergency medical treatment and contact a Athens Car Accident Lawyer for legal representation. Ensure that you remain conscious and take clear note of the event once you come to.

Who caused the accident? 

The first thing to do when you find yourself at the scene of an auto accident is to figure out who was at fault. If you were driving your own car and you have insurance, the company that insures your vehicle will handle all of the details with the other party’s insurance company. If you need assistance with identifying who was at fault, contact law enforcement or emergency Air ambulance costs on scene as soon as possible.

What to do if you’re in an accident?

You’ve been in an auto accident, but you don’t know what happened. That’s not a problem. The first step is to remain calm and call for help. Whether it be a police officer or an ambulance, get out of the car and get to safety. If your car is completely totaled, you should stay put until you are helped by the authorities or have been told it is safe to leave the scene. Make sure you stay in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible so that they can take care of all the legalities.

Check for injuries and provide aid if necessary.

The first thing you should do when involved in an auto accident is to see if you’re injured. If there are injuries, then the next thing you should do is provide aid. If there are no injuries and not necessary aid, then your task is to call 911. Keep in mind that it’s also important to take a moment before calling 911 and think about what happened so you can provide as much information as possible to the operator. The more information they have, the better they are able to help. In terms of providing aid, this could mean things like assessing whether or not your airbags deployed properly or pulling someone out of the car who appears unconscious.

Document the accident scene.

The first thing you should do is document the accident scene. This includes taking pictures of the accident site, nearby vehicles, and any damage that you have to your own vehicle. If you have a cell phone on hand, take as many pictures as possible for evidence purposes. Following this step is important because it will give you peace of mind that everything has been recorded correctly.

Contact your insurance company.

Call your insurance company as soon as possible. This is the first thing to do, and it will help you get some peace of mind while waiting on your claim to be processed. Don’t worry about the time it takes to process your claim. You’ll have to follow these steps: -Contact your insurance company by phone. -Provide them with information about the accident or incident that happened. -Request a police report if one was filed. -Take photographs of all damaged property and injuries with high resolution devices that can upload them to social media accounts (if applicable). -If you have any witnesses, ask for their contact info so they can cooperate in getting a police report or other documentation related to the accident or incident. -Go to a nearby emergency room and seek medical attention if needed. -If you need roadside assistance, ask for their contact information so they can help you out in getting back on the road as soon as possible.

Seek legal assistance if necessary.

There’s a lot of information to digest here, so let’s start with the basics. Bring any witness statements and evidence you have to the attention of your insurance company or an attorney. This can be beneficial in determining who was at fault and how to proceed from there. In addition, make sure that you bring your phone to a repair shop for assessment if possible. After all, your cell phone is probably the most important thing you brought with you during the accident and it would be terrible if something happened to it as well!


If you are involved in a car accident, be sure to remain calm and collected, record the scene, and contact Athens Car Accident Lawyer for legal help if you’re in Athens, Greece. Following these guidelines should help minimize any further damage or injury.