2021’s Best eCommerce Trends

The Covid-19 pandemic restructured the online shopping landscape and positively impacted the world of eCommerce.

As a result, many consumers prefer to buy items online from the comfort and safety of their homes, completing the purchasing process in several seconds through a few clicks.

This new reality, however, has brought new challenges: increased the number of online shoppers and thus the competition, enhanced consumers’ demands and expectations.

To face these challenges successfully, you need to search for ways to distinguish your business and make you more competitive than the others.

So how can you attract new customers, build brand loyalty and increase sales?

Top Miami web design experts have shared some of the best eCommerce marketing trends that will help you keep your strong market position and grow your business.

What Is An eCommerce Marketing Trend?

An Ecommerce marketing trend reflects a blend of consumer behavior, marketing strategies and innovative technology achievements.

The careful analysis and implementation of eCommerce trends can help your business remain successful in today’s highly competitive world and prevail over your competitors.

The Importance Of eCommerce Trends

The implementation of the right eCommerce trends can act as a game-changer and reveal new opportunities to rank your company among the best.

eCommerce trends are vital because they:

  • Give you a competitive advantage
  • Create individualized experiences
  • Help you understand changing consumer behavior
  • Help you attract new customers and grow your sales
  • Ensure simple checkout that boosts conversion
  • Show you what others, including your competitors, might be using
  • Ensure flexibility
  • Help build brand loyalty
  • Ensure success for your business in the future

eCommerce Insights

eCommerce is on the rise. This fact is supported by numerous statistics that reflect the current situation and reveal some significant future tendencies:

  • 14 billion people are expected to shop online in 2021 across the globe, compared to 1.66 billion in 2016
  • 5 million people in the US will shop online in 2021
  • 84% of consumers have shopped online after the arrival of the pandemic
  • 69% of retail site visits are done through smartphones
  • com is the most popular global retail website by traffic
  • $3.39 is the average eCommerce spending per online shopper, per visit
  • The eCommerce category with the fastest growth in the US due to Covid-19 is disposal gloves
  • The travel industry saw the highest increase in online traffic due to Covid-19 as of May 2021
  • By 2025, penetration rates are forecasted to reach 25% compared to 2019, when they were 15%

Best Ecommerce Trends

1. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality provides digital interaction to consumers who are unable or unwilling to visit physical shops and take a closer look at the products.

It offers an entirely new way to perceive items, understand their features and evaluate whether they meet the buyer’s demands.

The testing and exploration process provides a fresh and personalized user experience and an innovative touch enhanced by technology.

Whether you sell clothes, furniture, games or sunglasses, you can use Augmented Reality to keep consumers’ interest high and cater to their expectations by making them see how your product will benefit their lives.

2. Chatbots

At an age where information is available just a click away, consumers get frustrated when they can’t find what they’re looking for in a fast and friendly way.

Chatbots are changing the business landscape by becoming your ever-present shop assistant that does not need sleep or a lunch break.

Available 24/7, chatbots can provide detailed knowledge, customer support and immaculate intuitive service based on previous data analysis and new search anticipation.

3. Voice Search

One-third of the US population is using voice assistants when surfing on the internet.

Voice Search allows users to search for whatever they want by using their voice instead of typing.

It provides an easy and fast search alternative for all target groups, from busy mothers to people with physical limitations to lazy teenagers and on-the-run executives.

Voice Search saves time and effort — what more can one wish for?

4. Variety Of Payment Methods

If a customer is unable to pay in a way that’s convenient for them, they may end up abandoning their cart altogether.

Offering a variety of payment methods can help increase your conversion rate.  It makes sales easy and fast, in line with your customer’s preferences. In addition, if payment information is saved on the site, the next purchase will be even easier.

Purchasing from a company that has your information saved and ready to go can make a big difference.

5. A Focus On Sustainability

75% of consumers prefer less packaging, while 32% are ready to pay more for a product from a company that is committed to sustainability, according to an online survey of US and UK consumers.

Environmental issues are a strong selling point these days when customers are very sensitive to topics like this. Very often, they prefer purchasing from companies that are responsive to environmental and social causes.

Using recyclable or biodegradable packaging, going paperless or implementing productive ways to save on water and electricity can be some of the ways to attract more eco-conscious customers.

6. Headless Solutions

A headless commerce architecture separates backend functionality from the frontend presentation.

It combines the benefits of security, fraud and inventory management as well as PCI compliance. In addition, it features SEO, backend flexibility, an improved digital experience and content marketing options.

7. On-site Personalization

Consumers like to be acknowledged, heard and taken care of.

Knowing that a business pays special attention to their needs and preferences can be an immense drive for interaction and buying.

AI-collected data can provide attentive customer service and personalized product recommendations. Personalization enhances brand satisfaction and boosts spending.

8. Providing B2B And B2C Customers With The Same eCommerce Experience

Although the sales process differs for B2B and B2C industries, they share the same experience preferences. These include online stores, easy shopping, chatbot software interaction, payment variety methods and more.


92% of consumers are likely to buy a product after reading a trusted review on it.

Research Online Purchase Offline (ROPO) or Research Online Buy Offline (ROBO) is an eCommerce trend that allows customers to search for the best product price online.

ROBO is a consumer behavior based on videos, blog posts and reviews that help buyers make purchasing decisions.

10.  Mobile Wallet

Integrating mobile wallet functionality on your eCommerce website is another popular trend.

It stores consumer’s info such as bank account or credit card details. This makes the purchasing process fast, easy and convenient, without the need to fill tedious forms on payment, billing and shipping.

Implementing a mobile wallet functionality ensures simple and fast checkout across desktop and mobile devices.

Best eCommerce Trends: Can They Work For Your Business?

The eCommerce trends are a great way to keep your business growing and stay ahead of your competition. As a result, you’ll be able to improve your customers’ shopping experience and build a valuable and long-lasting relationship with them.

To choose the trend that will fit your business best, you must analyze which is valid for your audience, is worth your time and money and can bring you a steady ROI.

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Evaluate your industry and competitors by conducting industry research, assessing your customers’ behavior and taking their feedback to heart.

Technology is constantly evolving, as is consumer behavior. Therefore, to stay competitive, you must always learn, analyze, and evaluate what trend would make a difference and encourage your business to flourish.

Author’s bio:

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Editor at Digital Strategy One.

She is also a passionate writer and loves to explore new, innovative and digital news.

In her spare time, she is an eco-activist.

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