12 Tips That Will Help You To Set Up Seating Arrangement In Your New Office

In this post, we will guide you on how to set up the seating arrangement in your new office. For the purpose of clarification, an office is a workplace where some business or professional activity is carried out. It could be privately owned or leased by a company or other organisation and could exist inside another larger space such as a school.

  1. Be Organised: Before you set up the seating arrangement in your new office, make sure you are organised. You cannot set up a seating arrangement if you don’t know how many employees will be working. If the organisation is a budding one and in need of expansion, then place the employee who is expected to generate more sales at a strategic position.
  2. Pay Attention to Details: A seating arrangement is all about details such as where each employee sits according to their jobs and at the same time makes sure that it is convenient for them to work. Make sure you put your boss at the head-end of the table with subordinates behind him or her, so that he or she can see his or her employees clearly and at ease from any angle.
  3. Keep in Mind the Layout of the Space: As far as possible, arrange the seating arrangement in your new office as per the layout of office space. Put important employees at places that are easy to access. At all costs, keep decision makers such as managers and directors away from each other to avoid conflicts.
  4. Arrange the Seating in Line with Workflow: Create a flow into your seating arrangement in your new office so that employees can find their way easily from one point to another; this will also help them focus on their work and reduce any kind of confusion or miscommunication between employees.
  5. Keep in Mind the Function of Seating Arrangement: In a nutshell, you need to think about the function of seating arrangement in your new office. Is it for meeting and greeting or is it simply for keeping track of who does what?
  6. Promote Workplace Harmony: Last but not the least is promoting workplace harmony which is all about making sure that everyone is educated about the rules and regulations regarding the seating arrangement in your new office and at the same time, promoting mutual respect among employees. In short, promote good relationships between employees so that everything will run smoothly.
  7. Use Ergonomic Desk and Chair Set: For the purpose of clarification, ergonomic workstation comprises a set of tools and equipment designed to provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees such as desks, chairs, computer stands etc.
  8. Use Flexible Workstations: For the purpose of clarification, flexible workstations are similar to traditional workstations in that they provide an appropriate working environment for employees but at the same time allow companies to move employees around according to their needs rather than permanently placing them in 1 area.
  9. Invest in Standing Desk: A standing desk is an option available to some employees which allows them to work while standing up; this is an alternative to sit down desks as it’s an office furniture that has been designed where employees can stand while they work.
  10. Place Desks Close to Each Other: Another important part of the new office seating arrangement will be arranging the desks close together so that employees can easily move from one desk to another and can also keep their workspace neat and tidy.
  11. Adjust the Seating Arrangement to Fit with Workflow: When arranging a seating arrangement, make sure you consider your workflow. This will help to make sure that employees’ workstations are organised according to their jobs, where they can easily and efficiently get their work done.
  12. Bring in New or Upgraded Desks: In order for a new seating arrangement in your new office to be effective, you have to have some serious thought about it; at the same time you have to be willing to invest in new desks and chairs as well as promoting workplace harmony. Ultimately, if you bring in new desks or upgrade existing ones properly then they will complement each other quite nicely.


As you can see a seating arrangement in your new office is very important and also quite an important part of office management. In the article, we have laid out 12 tips that will help you set up the seating arrangement in your new office most effectively.