10 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

“SEO, or search engine optimisation, is one of the most important digital marketing tools you should have in your corner when setting up an online presence for your business, especially if you work as a concrete cost estimator. It is a longer term marketing technique that is designed to communicate effectively to people that visit your site, and the bots that crawl your online pages from search engines like Google, Bing, or Safari.

Today, we’ll be talking about the 10 reasons why your business needs SEO and how the SEO services Melbourne that we have, could be of assistance to you.

1. SEO will increase your website traffic

So it’s not a secret, SEO services are there to help your visibility on Google. It does this by focusing on keywords that you are trying to show up under. This is done by backlinking to your site, social citations, article content, on-site optimisations and much more. If you aren’t optimising your website regularly to keep up with new updates, or to try and improve clunky wording, or even to place in a new article, then you’ll find that your results on keywords and your organic traffic can suffer. For example, selling on a huge marketplace like Etsy, sellers must try Etsy SEO tips to drive more organic traffic.

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2. Organic traffic is going to be the most common way to be found

Organic traffic refers to people finding your business on Google by typing in keywords, or related terms. You can use social media or other paid methods, but SEO will always be the most popular way to being found on search engines. This however comes with the drawback of being a slower ranking process as there are a lot of users all competing for similar search terms in your area. It doesn’t mean you can’t rank on page 1, far from it, you can and you will get to page 1 if you get the assistance of SEO services in Melbourne.

3. Make a sales cycle shorter

A good B2B SEO strategy is a great way to get your sales cycle shorter and more efficient. This step is about understanding that when people are searching for information the challenge is to sell them on working with you, they’re already there for what you offer. In a nutshell, this means that SEO services bring customers who are ready to buy, to you.

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4. Building trust and credibility with SEO

The goal of SEO isn’t just to be on the top of the ranks and get more visitors to your site, it is about establishing your online presence as a great user-experience. The idea here is that SEO will increase your website traffic, but in doing so, will show you if your site is good enough to keep people around. If you have a great SEO strategy, which involves optimising your website’s navigation, content and useability, then the good times will get better. However if you aren’t focusing on bringing people to a well-functioning website with well kept hyperlinks, easy to follow CTA buttons, and a clear message from the get-go, then you’ll find that the bounce rate and the average time people spend on your site will diminish.

5. Better ROI and Conversions

The magical words that any business owner wants to hear from their SEO company. Getting good ROI and more conversions. These are possible through SEO as organic traffic is free. People find and click onto your site when entering keywords that you have sprinkled both within your on-site and off-site content. The major benefit of organic searches is that people aren’t necessarily cold leads. The people coming to your site are relevant leads, they have a higher level of trust because they believe they found you, it wasn’t a paid ad, meaning people are more interested in the content that would be on your website.

6. Most updated information

One of the biggest reasons to jump over to a company that provides SEO services in Melbourne is that they keep on top of the latest updates and practices that need to be followed. Google and other search engines all have their own sophisticated search algorithms which help users find relevant material related to their search terms. Keeping this in mind it is imperative to keep your content and your practices in line with what these search engine algorithms and updates. SEO companies, like Castle Jackson, are committed to keeping up to date with these platforms and in doing so will be able to make sure your SEO campaign will continue to grow. If you wish to do SEO on your own, with a base knowledge it will be challenging to keep on top of these user updates, at the same time that you implement the daily work required for SEO campaigns, and then to manage your business on top of that. That’s why SEO companies are vital to any online business that needs assistance.

7. Compete with the biggest businesses

Competition is going to be tough, there will always be bigger budgets and more heavily resourced organisations, however a well structured SEO campaign will have you ranking along the likes of Amazon as a retailer, or ranking above major restaurant groups in the search results if you keep strong to your SEO strategy.

8. SEO creates a better use experience

User experience is any marketer’s top priority. Every month you can review the performance of your website and look back on some of your most successful pages, buttons, and points of interest. A good SEO company will be able to offer fixes and recommendations that will keep your online presence growing more and more. These optimisations are going to be in the interest of the end-user, as doing this guarantees that more people will be able to use your site very easily, and will continue to improve that performance as the years go on. Here you can know about the idx real estate.

9. Local SEO will improve your business.

Local SEO is in response to the increasing demand of mobile traffic. It is centred around getting people the best possible search based on their location. This means that people in a local area will get different results under the same terms, like ‘Café near me’. Being aware of local SEO and making sure that it is optimised within your campaign and your business is a sure fire way to increase conversions on your site

10. SEO is your long-term investment

Finally, SEO is something that doesn’t happen overnight, it is a relatively cost effective way to get some traction on your site, and improve your trust, credibility and most importantly, conversions. Seeking out SEO services in Melbourne will be a great start to getting your business’ online presence improving. But not only that, it will be the best way to improve your site in a year’s time. The longer a website stands and performs, the better it will be for rankings under the desired terms, as well as a stop for people’s queries as determined by Google.

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