Winner of the Italian League A 2022/2023: preview

The regular season of the Italian elite basketball championship started at the end of September this year and will end at the beginning of May 2023. 16 teams take part in the tournament, which will play each other in one match at home and away. A total of 30 rounds will be played. After that, the strongest eight will form the quarter-final pairs of the playoffs.

According to bookmakers, the top four favorites for the title are: Olimpia Milan, Virtus Bologna, Derton Tortona and Venice. Which of the clubs will get gold medals can be assumed by studying in detail the form of each of the teams. If you are a basketball fan and a gambler, then download the app and win money on sporting events.

Olympia Milan

Wards Ettore Messina started well in the domestic championship. In the first six rounds of Ligue A, Olimpia Milan lost only once. First, the “white-reds” defeated Brescia, Scafati and Brindisi, and then unexpectedly lost on the road to Venice – 69:77. The Milan club then beat Verona and Pesaro by double-digit points. Considering the strength of the Milanese team, the brainchild of Flavio Portaluppi will almost certainly make it to the playoffs.

The inhabitants of the Mediolanum Forum have a very strong squad and are the current champions of Italy. Nicolo Melli and partners are quite able to repeat their last year’s achievement.

Virtus Bologna

“Black Wu” started performances in the championship in an exemplary manner and got six victories in a row. Basket Napoli, Trieste, Verona, Treviso, Sassari and Reggio Emilia managed to overcome Virtus Bologna. It should also be noted that the “white-blacks” show character in the international arena. In the Euroleague, the Italians are at the bottom of the standings, but periodically beat formidable opponents such as Olimpia Milan and Real Madrid.

The potential of the wards of Sergio Scariolo is impressive. So the 15-time winner of the Italian championship may well aim at the 16th title in the history of the team.

Derton Thorton

The guys of Marco Ramondino started the performance in a great way in the new season and got five victories in a row. Alternately, the “lions” were beaten by Trento, Reggio Emilia, Pesaro, Trieste and Venice. Then the team from Tortona went to Brindisi, where they lost to the local team with a difference of two points. In general, the “white-black-orange” can impose a fight on any opponents. However, in the event of reaching the playoffs, it will be difficult for the brainchild of Marco Picci to fight on equal terms with more eminent rivals.

Derton Thorton is a competitive team with a strong starting five of four Americans and a Croatian. But even with this selection of players, the Lions are unlikely to be able to aim for the championship.


The guys of Walter De Raffaele cannot boast of stable results at the start of the season. But Venice wins more often than it loses. In the starting six rounds, the “red-gold-white” got four wins and lost twice. The Venetian club managed to beat Scafati, Trieste, Milan and Basket Napoli. At the same time, the brainchild of Luigi Brugnaro turned out to be weaker than Pesaro and Derton Tortona.

Venice does not look very powerful in terms of gameplay. Even if the “red-gold-whites” manage to make it to the playoffs, the “lions” are unlikely to be able to go far.

Our forecast

Derton Tortona and Venice are quite competitive clubs. However, one should hardly expect a powerful season and reaching the final from these teams. With a high probability, a set of gold medals will be played between the giants of Italian basketball: Olimpia Milan and Virtus Bologna. Given the more powerful composition of the “red-whites”, it is the Milanese team that is seen as the main contender for the title.