LNB League: Overview of the French Basketball Championship

The first French basketball championship was held in 1921. For more than a hundred years, the strongest teams in the country have been arguing on the basketball court. During this time, the tournament has changed format several times. Today, 18 teams play in the LNB. First, the regular season is held in two rounds, then the eight strongest ones determine the winner at the playoff stage. In the ¼ finals, teams play up to two victories, in the semi-finals and finals up to three.

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Will there be a new champion

The last three seasons are held in France under the dictation of one team – Lyon-Villeurbanne. Will anyone be able to overthrow the “black-and-whites” from the basketball Olympus – this is the main intrigue of the championship. In our review, we will talk about the current form of the champion and the teams that can really compete with Lyon-Villeurbanne for the title.

  • Lyon-Villeurbanne
  • Monaco
  • Dijon
  • Boulogne-Levallois
  • Cholet


The Asvel Villeurbanne team was founded in 1948 in a small town near Lyon. During its existence, the “black and white” managed to win 21 championship titles, several times became the owners of the French Cup, played in the “final four” of the Euroleague.

Villeurbanne also won the last three championships and today there is little doubt that the team will win. The start of this season turned out to be quite difficult. The “black and whites” both in the national championship and in the Euroleague group stage have lost more than they have won so far. And yet, few doubt the championship of Villeurbanne.


BC Monaco is the basketball part of a large sports club in the Principality. The team does not have high-profile titles, only once (in the 2020/21 season) did the “red-whites” become the winners of the Eurocup. There were no such successes in the domestic championship, the stronger the desire to win the championship title. This is confirmed by the start of the current championship: seven wins in seven matches. The team shows a high-quality, productive game in the Euroleague and deservedly takes a place at the top of the standings. There is every reason to believe that the “red gang” is seriously aiming for the gold of the championship of France.


JDA Dijon Basket is a regular playoff competitor but has never won the title. In the history of the club named after Jeanne d’Arc, only two victories in the French Federation Cup can be remembered. This year, “La Jeanne” is fighting on several fronts at once, including in the Champions League, where they are in second place in the group stage. In the LNB League, Dijon is one win behind the leader and is also at the top of the standings. There is every reason to believe that the team will not stop at the semi-final stage, as happened in the last championship.


Last year, Metropolitan 92 (another team name) was remembered for its performance in the Eurocup, where the French were stopped at the ¼ final stage. The team was created in 2007 and has never been the champion of France. The start of this season inspires hope for the title: Levallois are in second place, with one loss in seven matches.


Cholet Basket was founded in 1975, in 2000 the team breaks into the top division of the French championship, and after another 10 years becomes the champion of France. At the same time, the pupils of the club played for the “red whites”, for the most part. However, it was the only big trophy. In the last championship, the team was stopped by the future champion at the quarterfinal stage. Today, Cholet is third in the league table, with one game in hand.

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