Why to implement SSL to your WordPress site in 2022

WordPress is the most straightforward way to create your website or blog, making it available to just about anyone. This means you don’t even have to have any coding experience. However, that also means that the sites are prone to security risks.

SSL, an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol that lets you establish an encrypted connection. If you want to create a reliable setting so your customers can feel safe when they visit your site, SSL is a must-have. Nothing repels visitors like a website that seems untrustworthy, and this protocol serves as an assurance that your site is as secure as it can get. It is represented by a green padlock next to the site’s URL or branded URL bars (the site’s address starting with HTTPS://). So if you see one of those, you know you don’t have to worry about the site’s possible dodginess.

SSL certificates provide you with many beneficial features. Firstly, they prevent the visitors from getting affected by undetectable ransomware or perhaps spyware, create trust between your site and its users, and a safe environment for the data contained on the site. SSL provides you with many advantages crucial for the functioning of your site, such as preventing data theft, establishing trust with visitors right from the get-go, and Google ranking your site higher in search results. Naturally, SSL certificates are a must-have for online businesses, primarily since they deal with customers’ most personal data, such as their credit card information. So, if you plan on selling your products online, SSL is a requirement.

If you still don’t think you know enough about SSL certificates to install one all by yourself, you can use the WP Force SSL plugin that helps you install it through the Let’s Encrypt site. The plugin also provides you with relevant information about your SSL certificate, like the site it was issued to, who issued it, whether it is currently valid, and the time of its expiration date.

This makes the whole process a breeze and as quick and easy as it gets.

The tool helps you install SSL and provides you with many other convenient features. One of such features is the content scanner which checks all content on the site in just a few minutes. This means that no errors of mixed content of HTTP and HTTPS can occur under this scanner’s watch. That, in turn, is extremely important for the overall safety of your site. Why? Because even if just a tiny bit of content uses the HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS, the entire site loses its guarantee of safety.

With the press of a button or two, checking your site’s status or perhaps modifying your site’s settings is a piece of cake. Best of all, you can have everything in one place with WP Force SSL’s centralized dashboard. This contains all of your licenses, purchases, sites, and SSL monitors. This is perfect for when you want to save a lot of time, which you could put towards developing your business instead.

Another thing you can do with this plugin monitors your SSL. It keeps your SSL certificate in check, incessantly inspecting it for more than 50 possible errors. It also conveniently notifies you of both the mentioned errors and your certificate’s approaching expiration date.

The free version of WP Force SSL offers various nifty features. It helps you fix SSL errors, secures your HTTPS protocol, contains many SSL checks, etc. The premium version also includes mixed content checks, the option of force securing cookies, cross-site scripting protection, and many more. Naturally, you don’t have to know how to code for this one, either.

The premium version is not a commitment, though. There’s a seven-day free trial available that makes sure WP Force SSL is precisely the tool you need to install your SSL and keep it in check. If you choose not to opt for it, you get a full refund. However, you won’t ask for a refund as there are over 200,000 satisfied customers.


SSL is essential to create and retain credibility with your visitors and potential customers. Having an SSL certificate brings more people to your site as Google ranks it higher in its search engine, and it is crucial for building trust between you and your visitors. As one of the best plugins on the market that offers you help with this, the free version of the WP Force SSL plugin can provide you with every indispensable feature to make and keep your site as safe as possible. The premium version adds even more features to make the whole process much easier. You don’t have to have any exceptional experience or skills to install and use it; its interface is intuitive while still offering you everything you need.