Woodworking has come a long way. Thankfully, woodworking is now easier than it was decades ago, thanks to modern computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines for woodworking. For years, routing used to be a time-consuming handheld process. Although manual routing also creates beautiful art forms, it is not the best choice for mass production and precise routing projects.

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Many woodworkers start with handheld routers but replace them with CNC routers when the need to produce intricate and large pieces kicks in. The best thing about the highly automated CNC routers is that they make it possible to cut wood with high accuracy and speed. Check out why automated CNC routing machines are getting more popular in the woodworking industry.

High precision and accuracy

Although the handheld routers get you more up close with the wood you are fabricating, they leave more room for error and imperfection. Even the most careful wood maker and the steadiest hand can make errors. A CNC router is controllable by computer software that uses a specific program to communicate with the router hence more accuracy and precision when working on wood. It gets precise instructions about the routing process to ensure a high precision level. The high accuracy eliminates waste, saves time and resources, and produces quality products.

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With the high level of accuracy, it is easy to see why many woodworkers opt for automated CNC machines when looking for woodworking machinery for sale. The high precision makes repeatability much easier with a CNC router than a handheld router in woodworking. The unique thing is that a CNC router can route the same design repeatedly with the same precision and accuracy, saving you more time and resources. Since it is an automated system, you can leave the machine on as you focus on other work, increasing your productivity.

Fewer labor costs

Since CNC routers for woodworking are easy to use, accurate and fast, they reduce the need for high workforce costs. A job that could have necessitated more manpower skills with handheld routers gets accomplished more accurately and fast with an automated CNC router. The only essential thing s to program the CNC router software to accomplish the routing process. So having a CNC router saves you more labor costs while increasing your productivity, enabling you to meet the high demand of customers.

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More safety

The standard handheld routers pose a greater risk to the technician and those around them during operation. But automated CNC routers come with safety options that protect the users against accidents until the routing process is over. That is why many woodworkers go for high-tech woodworking machines compared to handheld ones.

Easy to operate

Automated CNC routers for woodworking are easy to operate. The technician only requires some simple training to program the machine’s software which is much easier than learning how to use a handheld router.

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With such advantages, it is easy to see why automated CNC routers are preferable to handheld ones. The high precision also eliminates wasted work caused by human error saving more resources and time.