Why Are Fast Games Gaining Popularity?

When first signing up to play at an online casino, amateur punters are usually faced with a dilemma on what kinds of games would be ideal for their specific gambling objectives. There are two main game genres at a casino, namely games of skill and games of chance. Under the games of chance category, you’ll find fast games or instant games whose popularity has been on an upward trajectory for the past couple of years. 

Games of skill pose a challenge for new players because they require some knowledge of the game rules and winning strategies. On the other hand, fast games, which are now taking over the gambling scene, have intuitive gameplay, and players cannot influence the outcome of the games through any acquired skills or tricks. The most popular games today in the iGaming world are online slot machines, but fast games are quickly catching up. Owing to how rapidly players are embracing fast games, you’ll find plenty of them in top-rated slots Canada websites for free to play and real money mode.  

As the online gaming scene continues to grow and evolve, innovative gaming providers like Digitain are going a step further to make things more interesting. They have been replicating games of strategy into the latest fast games to maintain the gist of the familiar gambling tables while introducing an enticing design with killer graphics. So, even though the game might have the look and feel of a classic skill game, it is an instant play game at the core. You won’t have to scratch your head to think about your next strategic move.

The Beauty of Playing Fast Games (or Instant Games) over Games of Skill

Unlike skill-based casino games, fast games may prompt the player to initiate what happens next. Most of them are just a matter of clicking on some buttons and waiting to see how things turn out. And to produce fair outcomes, the developer installs random number generators (RNG) into the game’s program.

Instant play games have a specified house edge that will determine how much the game will pay out over time. The player is technically playing against the house, and chances of landing a prize are random and dependent on the given return-to-player ratio and RNGs. In a skill-based game, players are battling it out with other punters, some with even better tactics, to maximize their own odds of winning. With the right strategies, players can outsmart their opponents, squeezing them for every cent they may have. But for instant games, the reward system is only concerned with awarding prizes based on an algorithm. As such, even newcomers can have a go and win big with no skill at all.

Jumping in and out of the Game in a Few Minutes

The fact is that many modern punters don’t want to waste their time learning or understanding what’s required to win at a new game. Lots of players in today’s era have limited time to spend on gambling activities, and the great thing about instant win games is that a session takes only a couple of seconds or minutes. There’s no waiting period, and the outcomes are instantly displayed as soon as the round is over. 

All this is possible without taking out the excitement from the games since the suspense is still maintained in the few moments leading up to the round’s outcome. Another plus for this genre of casino games is that there are no download requirements, and the games are compatible with a range of devices running different operating systems. Therefore, players can take a few seconds to place a bet from any location on both smartphones and tablets if they like.

Easy Crowd-Pleasers

Due to the success, the genre is enjoying, the likes of Digitain have even moved to form a whole division dedicated to fast games, separating it from the skill-based titles in their games portfolio. Other providers joining this trend include Microgaming, Play’n GO, Evoplay and Spinomenal, among several others. Some of the most popular fast games on the market today include:

  • Evoplay – Book of Keno, Plingo Ball, Roll to Luck, Lucky Crumbling, Thumbles, Penalty Shootout, and more.
  • Digitain – Black Jack, Keno Express, Rocketon, HiLo, Crash, Penalty, Sic Bo, and more.
  • Spinomenal – Easter Pick, Patrick’s Pick, Cupid’s Scratch, and more.
  • Spribe – HiLo, Goal, Keno, Mines, Plinko, Mini Roulette, and more.
  • Hacksaw – Cubes, Cut the Grass, Chaos Crew Scratch, Football Scratch, Lucky Number x12, and more.

The Same iGaming Fairness Standards Apply to Fast Games

For a fast game to be available in a legal market, it has to be vetted by reputable gaming authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This ensures that it meets the highest industry standards and achieves the best possible level of expected randomness without compromising results in favour of the casino or player. 

Titles from renowned developers such as Digitain have already been approved by MGA and are available to players in several jurisdictions across the globe. So, if you had questions regarding their legitimacy, you have nothing to worry about. And in case you have never tried playing instant games, it is high time you give them a shot; you might just discover a few favourites that will tickle your fancy!