When Does Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer Matter? Find Here

Georgia’s busy roads are prone to accidents and mishaps. It often happens that innocent passengers, pedestrians, and drivers suffer injuries and losses due to someone’s reckless act. If you are a victim of an unfortunate car accident, you are entitled to compensation as per the fault-based system. Hiring an attorney is certainly a choice, but that decision can improve your chances of recovering a fair settlement drastically. Find out more about the situations when you definitely need a legal team on your side.

You are also responsible

Car crashes are rarely black and white, and it happens that two drivers share the responsibility for an accident. In such circumstances, the fault share of a driver is used to determine whether they can recover anything from the other party. As per Georgia’s comparative fault norm, you can only sue the at-fault driver when you are less than 50% liable for the situation. The insurance company will obviously try to prove otherwise, and you need an accident lawyer who can fight for your rights.

There are many vehicles involved

Muti-vehicle accidents are inherently hard to investigate, and it can be tough to determine who is liable and to what extent. It would help if you had a lawyer with experience with auto accident claims and could use their resources for your needs. Many accident lawyers work extensively with medical professionals and rely on crash reconstruction experts to determine how the situation may have unfolded.

You have endured catastrophic or severe injuries

If you have sustained a brain injury, third-degree burns, and other injuries that can impact your life and profession, your compensation should be on the higher side. You need an attorney who can be your advocate to evaluate damages, and based on the findings, they will negotiate the settlement for you. Don’t let the insurance company decide what you get for the losses.

Insurance companies are unfair

This is true for almost every case. The claims adjuster will always want to underplay your injuries and reduce the settlement, and you need someone who can do the opposite. Top accident lawyers don’t exaggerate claims but do everything possible to get a justified outcome. You cannot trust the insurance company and shouldn’t agree to give them a statement, no matter whether you are liable for the mishap.

Hiring an accident lawyer doesn’t cost a penny unless you win, and that’s a more significant reason to get legal expertise on your side.