What Nitrile Gloves Should I Use?

Nitrile gloves refer to a type of gloves made with a synthetic rubber called nitrile rubber. They are available in low-density, medium-density, and high-density forms. The density determines the thickness of the protective layer in millimeters or inches.

Medium or high densities will usually be used for industrial purposes where higher levels of protection are required against oils, solvents, etc. In contrast, lower densities are more appropriate for light-duty jobs like food handling.

Low Density Gloves

These gloves are very thin, so they tend to tear easily at the fingertips, and fingertips will bleed more easily over time. The overall protection provided by these gloves is good, but your hand will be exposed when working with sharp knives or other equipment requiring you to grip things firmly. You may also get cuts from faulty items if your hand slips off the end of a tool.

Medium Density Gloves

They offer a reasonable compromise between comfort and protection. They are better suited to medium-duty tasks like food preparation. These gloves are quite thin and will not protect you from sharp knives or glass, but they’re suitable for everyday use and light-duty tasks such as gardening (specifically digging in dirt) or basic household chores.

High Density Gloves

The most affordable gloves have the thinnest nitrile layer, which makes them unsuitable for industrial use but still thick enough to do light-duty tasks such as washing the dishes and using power tools that require some grip.

How to Choose the Right Gloves

They are widely available in many stores. You can also find them online. The type of these gloves you choose depends on the level of protection you want. Based on the usage, cost, and quality, it is possible to pick the best appropriate for your work.


Their prices range from as low as $10 per box up to $18 per box, but prices over $15 per box should be considered expensive compared to other types of work gloves.


Selecting the type you need for your specific work is important when looking for a good quality pair of these gloves. For example, if you are looking for nitrile gloves for your restaurant, their requirements may differ from an office where proper safety equipment is a must.


They come in many types and models, including different materials and various benefits. Some gloves include neoprene, latex, surgical type, vinyl, and nitrile. The costs of these gloves range from less than $10 to $50, depending on the type you are looking for.

These gloves are the most suitable choice for working in an environment that requires specific protection. They are the preferred working gloves when handling chemicals and glass surfaces. They offer users a higher level of comfort as they have been designed specifically for safety. They provide a high level of protection against dirt and bacteria. The surface is non-porous, which is a great advantage when working in areas known to have high levels of bacteria.