What is a pillar page?

What you need to know about this type of marketing strategy

Have you ever tried creating content for the internet or running a business website? If so, then you know it’s not the easiest task in the world; in fact, it’s harder than most people think. Therefore, SEO agency is a good option for those who have difficulty in this segment. There are professionals in the job market trained in digital marketing. optimization of websites, blogs and internet pages.

One of the techniques used by SEO professionals is building pillar pages. Have you heard that term before? If not, no problem, we will explain, in this article, how pillar pages work, how important they are for websites and digital content and how SEO professionals can help you. It is important to have professional help during the planning, structuring and administration of a website or blog — this can represent the success of your space on the internet.

Stick with us, because we’re going to cover the main SEO tools like pillar pages and clusters content. If there is any doubt about the topic discussed, we reinforce the importance of seeking instruction from a professional in the area.

What are pillar pages?

What comes to your mind when you think of pillars? We usually think of structuring, the basis of a construction, a component that structures several others. All these meanings are right and are applicable to the concept of pillar pages, since they also serve as a basis and structuring.

Pillar pages are the foundation of your website, blog or content. It is where all the information and material necessary for those who visit your site are gathered. The concept of pillar pages is to gather your content in one place, so it is necessary to have several pillar pages. Trying to unite different subjects on just one, a pillar page will hamper your site’s performance.

My site doesn’t have pillar pages, what to do?

If your website or blog doesn’t have pillar pages, then you need to analyze all the content you’ve produced and posted. This analysis is necessary to understand what is available and thus organize the different information into separate pillar pages, but which have some sort of organization.

It’s an easy way and practical to keep your site organized and also guide who is accessing your portal on the internet, so it will make the process easier during searches in search tools, which normally use keywords that are inserted in the pillar pages. So, if you don’t have pillar pages, it means that most likely the number of hits and visits to your site are low, because it doesn’t appear in online search engines.

About content clusters

Clustered content is a way of structuring the pillar pages, it is also a marketing tool used by SEO professionals who want to organize information and content on a common topic. It is a way to instigate reading and browsing on websites and blogs, a way to keep whoever is accessing more interested.

Let’s give you an example to understand how this technique works. Let’s imagine that you produce content about pets and that there are several texts about pet care on your website, the content in clusters will unite the texts about kittens, puppies, among other domestic animals in a topic that connects them all. This does not mean that all content will be together, it means that there will be a bridge between them.

Still having questions about pillar pages and clustered content? It’s ok, you can get help from a professional, but, if you don’t have questions about it, you can put into practice what we discussed in the article and try to optimize your content for better results.