Vice City | ViceCity | Playing As The Protagonist Of Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an incredible action-adventures game developed by Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North, which was first released in a joint collaboration with Rockstar North and Sony PlayStation Portable in October 2021. The game is set in a dark and dangerous version of Vice City, a famous street in Los Angeles. The game covers the progress of protagonist Chumbler, a tough and skilled thief, who becomes the head of a powerful crime syndicate. As a member of the gang, he must struggle against rival gangs and the authorities to achieve his goals. A unique feature of the game is the multiplayer mode, in which players can take on each other in heated duels using split screen options.

In the background of the Vice City game is the backdrop of two main islands, namely the Little Havana and theago Islands. The islands were established as a means of providing a better background for the Vice City game, where the player could have a different view of the city. The island of Little Havana offers a more realistic scenery consisting of many restaurants, stores, casinos, dive sites and five different districts – Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Vineyard Breezes, and Little Italy. The island of theago features two main islands – Tio de Jota and Granada. The Tio de Jota Island is the smaller of the two main islands, offering a more authentic look at a Miami as it offers a less hostile environment.

The story of the Vice City games takes place in modern day Miami, where an aging ex-cop called Johnny Stallone tries to bring order back to the streets of his beloved city. He teams up with a young girl named Jill Valentine, who has a strange power over teleports. Together they find themselves facing a barrage of crime, which is sure to be heightened by the inclusion of a new supernatural character – The Collector. This mysterious figure is responsible for many of the crimes that are experienced by the game’s protagonist and he will force two very different people to work together – The cops, Johnny Stallone and Jill Valentine.

The game starts with a detailed mission, which is to steal a yacht belonging to the enemy called The Collector. To do this you must navigate your way through the streets of the city in an automatic boat, as shoot and kill all the enemies on sight. The combat in the game involves shooting, targeting of the enemies’ weak spots, vehicle attacks, and climbing up a crane to board the yacht. Once you successfully reach the yacht you are then given the option of fighting the Collector in person or using third-person perspective. Using the third-person view allows you to aim and shoot from a greater distance and also helps you view the surrounding area better, as you can crouch down and see what is going on better.

The game has numerous optional side missions, which give players a taste of the different ways in which the city is being run. These missions often involve choosing different gender for the avatar, changing the course of events that you are pursuing, or even going on a treasure hunt. All of these missions add more fun to the action and help make the game more interesting, though it is not necessary to do them all. Some of these optional side missions can be completed for extra cash and experience points, so choose carefully which ones you wish to complete.

The storyline is excellent. The story line involves a mixture of amazing graphics, top notch audio, excellent writing, fantastic scripting and fantastic artwork. Playing as the protagonist, you are assisted throughout the entire game by an ideal blend of cut scenes, voice over, cut scenes accompanied by score music, and even animated sequences. Playing as the criminal is a different experience, as the objective is to rob the store owners, instead of stealing the yacht. Playing as the character of the Vice City stories definitely proves to be entertaining, if not very challenging.