Underlying Lessons to Learn from Orwell’s 1984


Orwell is one of the best political writers in history and his way of portrayal has been one of a kind, especially in his famous dystopian novel 1984. The protagonist Winston’s dystopia is Oceana where they all live under 24/7 surveillance and having their own private life is impossible. Despite all the surveillance and strict rules where history is changed and people thought criminals disappear into thin air and are never seen again, Winston stands by the truth. Winston writes his truth in a diary and tries to preserve the truth that keeps changing and is altered at the ministry of truth.

There are several hidden and obvious lessons that Orwell has given us through this book and are still valid.

Current Scenario in Many Countries

Although the book intends to teach the reader the extremist tendencies of liberal communities, Orwell did not tell the reader to be afraid of communism and the only reason we get afraid of communism now is that the communist states have started showing signs of similar tendencies. Orwell’s intention may be something else when he wrote this masterpiece, but in today’s world it is much relatable if we look around us. We have our own Thought police, Newspeak, Ministry of Truth, etc.

The lesson we get from this book is that there are states similar to Oceana, which look ideal if we see them from a distance, but when we go close they are not as ideal. People should be treated as people and not robots. It might not be long before we see the next big brother ruling a communist state.

Everything You See On The News Is Not True

The thing that we learn from 1984 is that not everything we hear on the news is true. It is a fragment to make the state look good. Winston stayed on the truth’s side because he kept his eyes and ears open and always remembered the actual reality. To stay on the safer side in terms of knowing the facts, what we can do in today’s world is check social media news platforms, and read different newspapers to understand different perspective. You only get this advantage because you live in a free country.

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To Always Stand By The Truth, But Know Your Enemies

The best lesson to take from this book is to always stay by the truth’s side. Although Winston looked miserable, he did not conform to the state’s wrongdoings because he knew the truth. Even if he would have died Winston would have known that he lived his life right. Even though it is good to stay on truth’s side, the book has also taught us about who to tell the truth to and who to trust. Winston trusted his torturer and gave him the key to torture him. He trusted the wrong guy. Orwell has taught us several ways how people twist realities and the truth and betray us, so we need to keep our eyes open to the truth but should also know who to trust. This betrayal in the book explains a lot about life, and about how world politics works.

Beware of Surveillances

Just as there were telescreens in their quarters to keep a close eye on them 24/7, similarly, we have microphones and cameras in our phones, which are easily accessed, and our data is compromised. When we download apps that are third party or even normal ones, our data is compromised. While Winton in 1984 did not have a choice but to compromise his privacy, we who live in democratic states have the liberty to save our data in multiple ways. We can use VPNs to save our data, we can put tapes on our cameras and dismiss the microphones and do several things to save ourselves. What we need to learn from this book is that we need to cherish our privacy and save it.

The main lesson that we get from the book 1984 is that everything has its extremes. Whether it is a democratic, communist, or a totalitarian state it has an extreme. Every revolution is started for people’s betterment but if that ideology is taken to an extreme, it is not worth the revolution. Orwell’s intention might not be to scare us off a communist state, but to teach us how every kind of government, or movement has an extreme and nothing remains ideal. At the end of the day, no matter how strong the revolution is, the state’s fate lies in the hands of those in power. Here newszone360 you can find essential news. And this worldkingnews portal also supply worldwide news. Discover all sorts of headline news on worldkingtop and this is the another usazonenews where you can get all news. By the way, gamesupdate24 always provide all sorts of games and sports news.