Top 8 Deer Hunting Rifles

Deer hunting is a very popular sport in many parts of the world, and it requires the use of a suitable rifle that can effectively take down a deer.

But how do you choose the best deer rifle?

With many available options on the market, choosing the best deer hunting rifle and bulk 5.56 ammo for your needs can be overwhelming.

Know that a good deer hunting rifle should be accurate, reliable, and powerful enough to take down a deer with a single shot.

In this article, we’ll review eight of the top deer hunting rifles to help you make an informed decision.

1. Marlin 1895 Modern Hunter

The Marlin 1895 Modern Hunter makes a great deer hunting rifle. First, it is chambered for the strong and versatile .45-70 Government cartridge with a great deal of stopping power and can take down large game at a medium range.

Additionally, the rifle’s laminated stock and stainless-steel construction make it very strong and weather-resistant, features necessary for hunting in challenging situations.

A fantastic addition to any deer hunter’s armory, the Marlin 1895 Modern Hunter is a well-rounded and reliable rifle. The adjustable sights and Picatinny rail allow easy customization and quick target acquisition.

Lastly, the lever action construction of the gun provides dependable, fast, and smooth operation.

2. Ruger American Go Wild

The Ruger American is a newer addition to the deer hunting rifle market. However, it has quickly gained a reputation for its accuracy and reliability. It features a lightweight synthetic stock and is available in various calibers.

The Ruger American also features a crisp trigger and a smooth bolt action, making it easy to shoot accurately.

The Go Wild rifle has a few upgrades, including a camouflage stock and Cerakote finish. It weighs seven pounds or less and has reliable accuracy. Because it is chambered in 6.5 PRC, it’s an excellent option for long-range hunting enthusiasts.

3. Savage 110 Ultralight

The Savage 110 is a popular deer hunting rifle known for its accuracy and affordability. It features a bolt-action design and is available in a variety of calibers, including .306, .308, and .270.

You can customize the Savage 110 with a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories to improve accuracy and performance.

The recent Ultralight deer hunting model uses proof-research-carbon-fiber barrels to reduce weight and is equipped with AccuTrigger and AccuStock Savage technology. Depending on chambering choices, the rifle can weigh as little as six pounds.

4. GA Precision Xtreme Hunter

The GA Precision Xtreme Hunter model is one of the best long-range deer hunting rifles around. George Gardner, the brand owner, says the rifle has an excellent accuracy of ½-MOA.

This long ranger is a great example of a well-balanced rifle with excellent accuracy for hunting, competition, and military use.

The gun has a radial muzzle brake with a carbon-fiber Manners stock to save weight. It is available in many cartridges, the most popular being 6.4 PRC and 6.5 SAUM S4.

5. Henry Lever Action X

Lever action guns are iconic American deer rifles, and the Henry Lever Action X model is an updated classic. It uses a synthetic stock with recessed attachment points meant for sling swivels. It adds a loading port on the underside of the magazine tube and a side-loading gate to the receiver.

The Picatinny rail is incorporated in a fore-end to facilitate laser or light mounting. This feature is beneficial when hunting in the dark if the need arises.

6. Seekins Precision Havak Element

When looking for an ideal mountain-hunting rifle, this one should be your top choice. It weighs only 5 pounds 9 ounces and has a broad stock with a hand-filling fore-end and a vertical grip. You will notice a heavier-looking barrel helpful in improving accuracy.

The deer-hunting gun has a carbon-fiber magazine with three rounds. It preserves a low weight by using an aluminum receiver with skeletonized raise portions of the Picatinny rail.

7. Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS

The Winchester Model 70 is a classic deer hunting rifle that has been in production for over 80 years. Its exceptional accuracy and reliability have made it a favorite for hunters worldwide willing to take down all kinds of game.

The Model 70 was launched in 1936 and is available in a variety of calibers (including .306, .308, and .270). It features a controlled round feeding system that ensures consistent chambering and extraction of rounds.

The Extreme Weather SS model adds a fluted barrel, a stainless-steel action, and a solid and beautiful synthetic stock with a raised cheekpiece. It’s an attractive choice for big-game deer hunters who find it a perfect rifle for their needs.

8. Tikka T3x Lite Roughtech

The Tikka T3x is a newer high-quality deer hunting rifle known for its extraordinary accuracy and reliability. It features a smooth bolt action and is available in a variety of calibers, including .306, .308, and .270.

The Tikka T3x also has a lightweight synthetic stock and a crisp trigger, making it easy to shoot accurately.

The Tikka T3x Lite Roughtech is the newest addition to the T3 family, launched in 2003. The deer hunting rifle maintains accuracy standards representative of the Tikka brand, becoming a staple for American hunters.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right deer hunting rifle can make all the difference in your hunting experience. The rifles mentioned in this article are all excellent choices for deer hunting and have been proven to deliver accuracy and reliability.

Ultimately, the best deer hunting rifle for you will depend on your personal preferences and hunting style.

With the right rifle in hand, you’ll be well-equipped to enjoy a successful and satisfying deer hunting season.