Top 5 FFXIV Beast Tribes and their Rewards

Tribal quests are a fascinating feature in Final Fantasy XIV that may be found across many locations and expansions. Previously, they were known as FFXIV beast tribes. You can complete these daily quests to gain friendship points and receive goodies. Each tribe has a unique story and rewards, which keeps things fresh. Purchasing FFXIV gold can also help you progress quickly through the game and access new tribe areas.

For those who don’t have time to unlock all of the FFXIV tribes, focusing on tribes with particularly appealing rewards is a good strategy. Among the many tribes in Final Fantasy XIV, five are worth prioritizing.

Note: The FF14 x FF16 Crossover Event is live now, with plenty of Clive-themed rewards.

The FFXIV Dwarves

The Dwarves mark the latest addition to Final Fantasy XIV’s roster of Beast Final Fantasy XIV Tribes, catering exclusively to crafting classes. Renowned as the optimal method for leveling crafting classes up to level 80, aside from contributing to the Firmament in Ishgard, they offer superior rewards compared to other FFXIV Beast Tribes.

Players can earn a number of interesting rewards for completing their quests, including minions, orchestrion rolls, horses, furniture, and even an emote. This makes their quests widely sought after by crafters looking for both skill improvement and valuable items.

The FFXIV Moogles

The Moogle tribe in Final Fantasy XIV has long had a peaceful relationship with dragons. The questline centers around restoring a once-thriving hub for dragons, humans, and Moogles alike. These quests focus heavily on crafting, providing a more sophisticated experience than A Realm Reborn’s.

Players love the Cloud Mallow mount from the Moogle tribe missions, and it is frequently considered a must-have. Along with this sought reward, players can also obtain attractive apparel such as Mog Slippers, and an adorable dance emote, which offer a fanciful touch to their in-game experience.

The FFXIV Arkasodara

After finishing the main story of Endwalker in Final Fantasy XIV, players can unlock the Arkasadora Tribe. This approach involves completing a series of sidequests, beginning with “Steppe Child,” which can be obtained by conversing with Ogul in Thavnair.

These quests are not only quick to finish but also lively and thoroughly engaging. As a reward for your milestones, you’ll receive the smallest and cutest Akasodara companion and a one-of-a-kind hippo cart mount. For those who have always wanted a hippo mount capable of hurling gulal, here is a perfect event to indulge in such fanciful fancies.

The FFXIV Pixies

The pixies are also striving to restore a particular spot for themselves. They are all about making people happy and giving them beautiful dreams to help them do so. Unlocking their region gives players access to a lovely dream world filled with vivid toys, imaginative constructions, and tempting sweets, allowing them to take many adorable screenshots of their characters.

As a reward for completing tasks, players can receive one of the cutest mounts, a porxie, as well as a variety of charming furniture pieces, such as macaroon pillows, flower lamps, and stuffed proxies, ideal for decorating their in-game areas with the whimsical appeal.

The Final Fantasy XIV Qitari

Qitari is a unique beast tribe included in the game’s Shadowbringers expansion, and its story is unlike any other beast tribe’s, with player decisions shaping the tribe’s evolution. The loved minion, the Great Serpent of Ronka, is central to their story, with its adorable pudgy appearance and mysterious past.

Players engaging with this beast tribe can acquire various Serpent of Ronka minions alongside a unique mount. Additionally, they gain access to resources enabling them to craft an adorable rocking chair for their in-game house, complete with a charming Great Serpent of Ronka pillow.