The Role Of Sms In Health Care Industry

SMS plays a vital role in the health sector industry due to its easy-to-use services. Communication becomes easy as information can be exchanged within seconds. Moreover, it can provide effective diagnoses and treatments to respective patients.

This particular article provides detailed information about the role of SMS in the healthcare industry. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Taking Appointments

As a patient, it must be difficult for everyone to stand in a queue and book appointments. But with the SMS feature, you can instantly book appointments. Upon entering some particular keywords explaining your symptoms, choose a preferred date and time accessible to you for a visit. The Health Care Industry then immediately sends a follow-up SMS confirming your appointment.

Appointment Reminders

SMS is primarily used in the health sector to send appointment reminders to their patients. We have often seen that individuals miss their appointment dates out of boredom and laziness. These missed appointments tend to disturb the scheduling and smooth functioning of the hospitals. A simple solution to this issue is sending appointment reminders through SMS. This will reduce the number of missed consultations. Moreover, the missing slots will be filled efficiently, reducing waiting time.

Medication Reminders

The role of SMS is immense when it comes to assisting patients with medication reminders. The need for timely medication is essential for patients with chronic conditions. People who have asthma and diabetes should maintain their on-time doses, or else their health might face serious consequences. Thus, healthcare individuals can send timely reminders to alert them about their medications.

Individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease are in high need of such remainders as they have the habit of forgetting things quickly.

Remote Monitoring

Using a remote monitoring system enables users to transfer their health data to hospitals from their homes.

You can use a smartwatch or any prescribed electronic device to monitor imbalances such as glucose level, BP, or reduced oxygen level.

This allows healthcare officials to access the physical conditions remotely, thus enabling proper treatment. In case of any abnormalities, the officials can virtually communicate with the patients and observe the health parameters.

Test Results

Waiting for the test results is frustrating as it builds up our anxiety level.

But thanks to the Transactional SMS service your test results will be remotely sent without much hassle.

In addition, the health care officials send follow-up instructions on what to be done in accordance with your disease.

The instruction consists of diet, medications, and proper exercises. Moreover, you can also enquire about further appointments or treatment if necessary.

Health Education

There are many instances when we ignore primary symptoms, which can result in harmful diseases.

This is because we lack knowledge regarding various illnesses. Well, nothing to worry about as the Health Care Industry uses SMS services to inform about important health tips and preventive measures.

Moreover, they cover a more comprehensive range of topics to prevent illness by promoting self-care practices. Thus individuals can lead a healthy lifestyle with proper guidance from our health experts.

Emergency Alerts

Emergency alerts are crucial, especially during natural calamities or pandemic situations. During such outbreaks, the healthcare industry can send customized SMS regarding issues such as heavy rainfall or cyclones.

The officials can SMS your family members, ensuring your safety. Moreover, if you have a bedridden adult, instantly ask for important instructions or safety precautions.

Patient Surveys

Health Care Industry can collect essential information through SMS, which helps to improve and upgrade their services. The reports include patient feedback and overall satisfaction surveys.

The patients can rate the quality of treatment and hospitability each time they enter your care center.

Moreover, waiting times, staff interactions, and customer satisfaction majorly impact the review points. Gathering such information will provide enough insights to concentrate on their areas of improvement. In addition, the health centers can address their weakness to adjust the quality of care.

Appointment Reschedule

In an emergency or any inconvenience, the health centers can reschedule the appointment by sending an SMS alert.

Informing beforehand will ensure that the respective patient doesn’t face any inconvenience. The patients can also send a follow-up SMS regarding the new appointment dates. Thus there will be no waste of time as attending a health care physician is optional.

Lower risk of lost documentation

Considering a massive pile of physical documentation, there are instances when we lose some of them. Although done unintentionally, losing any can lead to various issues.

In most cases, we have to re-take the prescribed tests and receive a new medical report.

But with the introduction of SMS in the Health Care Industry, all the necessary information is saved digitally. Thus you can easily open your profile when required and look into your important documents.


SMS in the healthcare industry offers a convenient, accessible, and cost-effective method to maintain workflow. However, ensuring patients’ privacy by safely encrypting their personal documents is crucial.