Tech Meets Tradition: Discovering the Era of Smart Locks.

Technological enhancement is reshaping our lives, bringing a higher security layer to our domestic lock systems. Thanks to advanced technologies such as AI, IoT networks, and internet-connected home cameras, the way we perceive security is becoming redefined. As technology progresses, we get closer to the idea of a future where mobile phones will work as universal keys to unlock your car and home doors. The main idea is that technologies can make this process effortless. Opening a door won’t have anything to do with the traditional jingling keys – it will be an era where doors open with a single touch.

Locksmiths – The Forerunners to the Future

The future of home security is in the hands of professional locksmiths. As time steadily advances toward a tech-powered era, locksmiths adapt their competencies and provide more effective locks and keys. You can see more about smart home locks at 24/7 Cerrajero, a nationwide locksmith company with multiple offices throughout the States.

The fact is that traditional locks aren’t as safe as most homeowners think. Manual door locks with physical keys and deadbolts are reasonably simple to unlock for home burglars. Differently, smart locks allow homeowners to open the door remotely, although they operate through a traditional deadbolt mechanism. Nowadays,  many smart lock models are on the market. So, homeowners can benefit from a large array of choices. From digital locks to fingerprint-running locks, there’s a smart lock system for everyone.

If you want to improve your home security and add that extra layer of excellence that will allow you to sleep in peace every night, locksmiths are the best and most qualified professionals to look for. After a first analysis of your home door needs, they can suggest the most suitable range of available smart locks for your specific needs. 

Smart Locks – Are They Safer than Traditional Locks?Smart lock

Smart locks activate on data exchange protocols, such as Bluetooth, NBIoT, and WiFi. If this is not enough to clarify why they are safer than classic key-based door locks, consider that smart lock connectivity enhances your home’s security as burglars can’t hack lock systems operating through algorithms. According to research, burglaries are more likely to happen as crimes of opportunity, meaning that intruders prefer investing time and effort to violate a home with a traditional lock rather than trying to hack a sophisticated encryption system of a smart lock. Such a business requires skills, computational resources, and adequate software tools. As a result, smart locks make a home become a much less attractive target than a home with an easy-to-force traditional lock.

While national locksmiths are working on the transition from old key-based locks to new smart locks, homeowners who already have made their choices can enjoy all the benefits of smart locks. Without wasting too many words, smart locks allow you to forget to fish for your keys inside a bag full of everything. That’s excellent as you won’t spend useless time looking over and over for your keys just when you are in a hurry. Also, smart locks allow you to unlock your home door with a quick touch, making all the difference during critical situations.

Although using deadbolts, smart locks add extra layers of security to your home, family, and private life. Ask your trusted American locksmiths for the best smart lock system for your home!