Sharing the Road — Tips for Safe Driving Around Motorcycles

In Des Moines, individuals who are busy with their work and business often cannot focus properly on the roads. However, if you are driving a vehicle on the roads, you do not have to follow the traffic rules; you should also make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and avoid accidents with lightweight vehicles like motorcycles. You must learn safe driving practices around motorcycles; therefore, consider seeking professional guidance from a personal injury lawyer in Des Moines and understand the safety driving tips.

Tips for safe driving around motorcycles:

  • Keep a safe distance

While driving and sharing the road with lightweight vehicles like motorcycles, you must ensure you drive a secure distance from them. Since motorcycles are lightweight and can be stopped immediately when the brakes are applied, there is a chance of a crash. Thus, you must make sure that you are 3 to 4 seconds away from them. This will ensure that the motorcycle riders are in safe surroundings.

  • Check your blind spots.

You must make sure you are conscious of your surroundings and your blind spots. Motorcycles are small vehicles that cannot be seen from your blind spots visually; thus, you must keep an eye on your unseeing spots. While taking turns and merging, you must have a look over your shoulder and watch out for bikers and motorcycle riders. 

  • Use indicators

Having a reciprocal understanding between you and the other vehicles can help build a healthy environment and avoid traffic accidents. You must give turning indicators when you are about to take a turn, and make sure that you give proper indicators whether you are turning left or right. This will help the others to understand your indication and will take proper turns and stops.

  • Avoid distraction

While driving a car or riding a motorcycle, you must make sure that you are not preoccupied and that your focus is on the road. Distractions like using a phone for texting, listening to music, browsing something, consuming alcohol or any intoxicant substance, or other things should be detoured at any cost, or else it can lead to agonizing accidents vefeast.

  • Be considerate and patient.

As you know, motorcycles and cars cannot go at the same speed. Therefore, you must make sure that you avoid aggressive driving behaviors and respect them. In addition, if your car is parked on the roadside, you must be considerate enough to check for any motorcycle approaches before opening your door. 

Therefore, if you are driving a car, you must always make sure that you are considerate of motorcycles and bikes. Thus, consider seeking assistance from your legal advisor.