Surrogacy is the most sensitive procedure use by those who want to be a parent. Also, most countries legalize it. Meanwhile, it’s still illegal in some other countries for some reason and there are good offers from Feskov clinic. Many clinics offer surrogacy procedures, but not all of them are worth trusting in this sensitive matter.

Additionally, surrogacy in this state is also legal, but it only provides surrogacy services via surrogate mothers to help infertile couples who want to be a parent.

Surrogacy in the Czech Republic:

The benefits of the Czech Republic are pretty popular among the countries providing the same services. Also, it requires that married girls give the written consent of their spouses.

Additionally, after adopting the new civil code of the Czech Republic, surrogacy gets legal in the Czech Republic. Also, as it’s a sensitive matter, there are many requirements registered before surrogacy from the biological parents.

Features of surrogacy in the Czech Republic:

  •       Single and married both can give birth:

It allows both women to give birth to an infertile couple. A surrogate mother could be both unmarried. Also, their marital status doesn’t come to get them in this procedure.

However, on the other hand, it’s required for the married surrogate mother to contain her spouse’s permission. Mostly in leihmutterschaft tschechien service means a baby birth of a surrogate mother in Czech Republic.

  •       Paid for the services:

As the surrogate mother is going to keep the child of the infertile couple for around nine months. So, it’s their biological parent’s responsibility to pay her for everything. Such as IVF, childbirth, Pregnancy, and all the medical examinations.

  •       Surrogate mother’s health:

As if a surrogate mother’s going to give birth to a child, it’s essential to check the medical condition of the surrogate mother. After all the medical tests and the confirmation of the surrogate’s health, it gets to confirm whether she is ready for this process or not.

Also, if IVF found any minor health issue, they don’t let the surrogate ladies do that procedure as keeping a child for nine months isn’t an easy job, and one should be more conscious about health.

Surrogacy is only for free:

In every country, surrogacy rules are different, so see more it has some limitations. Additionally, the most crucial government is only allow free of cost. Also, only those surrogate mothers don’t want to earn but want to help infertile e couples.

Hence, they can’t charge from them, but yes, all the medical checks and pregnancy expenses are responsible for biological parents.


Thus the desire of parents is essential for everyone. No other countries provide this service at free cost. Also, surrogacy in Czech Republic happens to help an infertile couple. Additionally, you want to earn via surrogacy; then the Czech Republic shouldn’t be your stop. Also, for that purpose, one should go to another country if one wants to earn through surrogacy is the best idea to go ahead.