Punishing Gray Raven Tier List May 2024

PGR is a single-player game, which is why you might be thinking that there is no point in characterizing players among different tiers. However, if you want to dominate the Warzone or to bypass everything the game throws at you, you need the best units on your side. Therefore, we have brought you the latest Punishing Gray Raven tier list in May 2024 to choose your warrior.

PGR Tier List May 2024

Now, let’s discuss the complete Punishing Gray Raven character tier list to show you how they are sorted based on their abilities. The PGR tier list mentioned below contains all units of the game, including Uniframes and Nier. This ranking starts from Tier S++ and goes down to Tier E, which goes from best to worst.

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The primary ranking factor in the tier list ranking is based on how each character performs in the game, along with all the content in Punishing Gray Raven. Still, you can manage to pull off the game with minimum and maximum powered units. Some of the characters in the list are simply better on the basis of their skillset.

Tier S++

The units in this patch are the top-tier ones, and you may have to spend time learning their controls.

  • Bianca Stigmata
  • Karenina Scire
  • Liv Empyrea
  • Lucia Crimson Weave

Tier S+

The Tier S+ is the second-best one on our list, and if you cannot get your hands on the S++, you can always go for the following units.

  • Liv Luminance
  • Lee Hyperreal
  • Nanami Starfarer
  • Rosetta Rigor
  • Vera Garnet

Tier S

Tier S is the third-best one on the list, and choosing a unit would still be worthwhile compared to A to E.

  • Ayla Kaleido
  • Chrome Glory
  • Lucia Plume
  • Luna Laurel
  • Selena Capriccio
  • Selena Tempest

Tier A

  • A2
  • Kamui Tenebrion
  • Liv Lux
  • Lee Entropy
  • Roland Flambeau
  • Wanshi Hypnos

Tier B

  • Camu Crocotta
  • Chrome Arclight
  • Lucia Crimson Abyss
  • No.21 XXI
  • Pulao Dragontoll
  • Vera Rozen

Tier C

  • 2B
  • Bambinata Vitrum
  • Bianca Veritas
  • Hanying Zitherwoe
  • Kamui Bastion
  • Karenina Ember
  • Lee Palefire
  • Nanami Storm

Tier D

  • 9S
  • Haicma Starveil
  • Ayla Brilliance
  • Karenina Blast
  • Lucia Dawn
  • Nanami Pulse
  • Noan Arca
  •   Watanabe Astral

Tier E

  • Bianca Zero
  • Changyu Qilin
  • Liv Eclipse
  • Lucia Lotus
  • Sophia Silverfang
  • Qu Pavo
  • Watanabe Nightblade

That concludes our list from top to bottom of the Punishing Gray Raven Tier List May 2024. Keep in mind that this tier list is categorized on the basis of the performance of the character in the game. So don’t miss out on your favorites and pair them with the better-performing characters to win the game. With our Punishing Gray Raven character tier list, you can find the best units to win single-handedly in this single-player game.