Offline Video Editors Vs. Online Video Editors. Which One to Choose?

Source: FreePik

When it comes to video editing, there is always discussion regarding whether to edit videos offline or use cloud-based software.

Both offline and online software offers advantages, but in the digital era and with ongoing technological improvements, the scale is shifting in favor of the online video editor. Why? Let’s look at some of the things you need to keep in mind when choosing your video editor!

1.  What Are the Hardware Requirements of the Editor?

Offline video editors such as Premiere Pro are quite heavy and require hardware that can deal with the content processing. On the other hand, the browser online editor can be used without a large, powerful computer. Your videos are created entirely online, including all necessary processing.

If you choose to edit videos online, you can now create more films on any computer, including your smartphone or your Chromebook. To get started, all you need is a device that can run a web browser.

2.  How Often Do You Need to Update the Editor?

Technology is ever-evolving. If you use a video editor offline, it requires frequent updates in order to stay current with emerging technologies or to update your template choices.

Yet, if you decide to go for the online version, the most recent features are always available; there is no need for manual upgrades or configuration. Your access to fresh, expertly created templates is ongoing, and as soon as they add a new aspect ratio that is optimized for a fresh social media platform, it becomes available to you right away.

3.  Which Editor is More Cost Effective?

Money matters. Thankfully, if you use an online video editor, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on a powerful device because all that is required is a device that can run a browser, and all you have to do to start making your films is go to a website and log in.

Additionally, compared to online applications, offline video editing programs can have high prices. In actuality, most online editing programs provide free plans and resources. For example, Flixier offers a free video editor for those who want to play around with its features and experiment with video creation without spending anything.

4.  Which Video Editor Makes It Easier to Manage Files?

The smooth file management of online video editor software is their strongest feature. Your files don’t need to take up any precious space on your hard drive. All of your files will instead be kept in the cloud, which will free up a lot of storage space.

Additionally, when using an online video editor, the overall controlling, organizing, and classifying of your internet video assets is simpler. Your projects amd media library are saved in the cloud, so all you have to do to continue working on your videos whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go is log in with your account.

Start Editing Your Videos Online with Flixier!

While offline video editors have their good perks, life is way easier when you opt to edit video files online. The next natural step is to actually choose the video editing software.

Some online video editors have a reputation for producing amateurish-looking videos with few advanced features since they are made for beginners. We get why serious content producers favor the tried-and-true software solutions that have worked effectively for them in the past.

Thankfully, Flixier is here to aid with your professional video editing journey. With the quickest online video editor, you can create stunning videos in just a few clicks, collaborate in real time, and publish in under three minutes.