Logos and styles What are they? what’s the difference?

The numerous logos we see everywhere gives us a sense of a range of graphic designs and colors and it becomes increasingly difficult for a logo to distinguish yourself, yet it’s so easy to be lost. Sometimes, it appears that the number of logos has far exceeded those of star formations that are visible in the sky. There is always an opportunity to design something distinctive, a logo that makes your company stand out from other brands. In this post, we’ll discuss logo designs and the one you should pick. You can also design a logo with the online builder Turbologo.

What is a logo?

In the constant and growing stream of advertisements and information, the chance for “depersonalization” of market participants will increase – it’s typical. It is the logo which has been given the status of being as the “face” of the company and its distinctiveness enhances the chance of a successful promotion for the brand.

The logo, which is an unavoidable characteristic of any existing business, has the burden of a significant responsibility. It has to in a literal sense, but also efficiently, concisely and clearly communicate certain details to the user and also accurately represent the person that is behind this image. Strategies and ways to achieve these goals during the process of developing marketing technology are constantly being developed.

Naturally, the development of innovative and gorgeous concepts doesn’t depend from what is considered to be the “evolutionary” level of the advertising industry. They appear at any time. However, this doesn’t mean we should ignore the outcomes of the process of development in the form of more efficient innovative, thought-provoking, meaningful and ultimately, unconventional approaches to logo design that take into account the particulars of different types of customers as well as how they perceive, and various other factors are considered.

The time of information technology and PR has transformed advertising into an art form, and even in the present (as in the case of, for instance in the art of painting) you can differentiate their “historically established” styles and trends. We will discuss them more in the future.

Logo styles

Logos created by Mahjabin Afrin

Spiral-like Motives

At first, the spiral was linked to the concepts of death and life: it symbolizes the release of the life force (life) and simultaneously – continuous immersing (death). The helix that is depicted on logo conveys a sense deepness and invokes connections to evolutionary processes, being a symbol for the DNA Helix.

This design also features images of circles that are spreading across the water as well as the whirlpool effect the picture of the movement of the space … A multi-dimensional and vast-scale symbol will always introduce a element of philosophical thought into the logo. symbolizes the ideals of progress and freedom. It is linked to research, science, and research, and creates a sense of globality.

Style that is based on geometric shapes

The simplicity of visuals, on one hand, makes it easier to perceive however yet, on the other hand, it could be a sign of a primitive and frank style that is the toughest to stay clear of. The primary geometric shapes that are observed in logos of this style are the circles or square, as well as triangles. The circle symbolizes the completeness it needs, and traditionally represents the continuous growth harmony, perfection, unity its closed shape is a sign of safety.

The triangle symbolizes the desire to succeed and the attainment of certain tops and, in turn it speaks of stability. The square symbolises the concept of equality, order and is connected to strength and stability. The meaning of these images is complex and is focused on creating a pleasing visual impact. However, the degree to which it will be realized depends on the professionalism of the artist and his taste.

Drip dot style

Logos designed in this fashion generally are arouse scientific or technical images or scientific. The form of a drop can be used as the base as well as symbolizing the smallest of particles (molecules and Atoms). Drops can be seen individually and in a symbolic fusion together. In addition the shapes can also change in a variety of styles, from flat to 3D forms. Most of the time, logos that are based upon “divergent drops” consist of dots that grow or shrink in a clearly defined mathematical sequence.

Flora and fauna in a style

Usually in the event that images of animals is utilized as the foundation of a symbol signifies that the business is trying to “project” any signs of this particular character onto itself, which causes the customer to connect with the image. For instance, the image of a horse is a symbol of the strength and endurance of the animal, yet it also emphasises elitism. A horse symbolizes speed, and is perfectly suited to the emblem of a delivery service and a hamster’s cheeks can look natural on the logo for the ATM…

This tactic is typically employed by smaller and medium-sized firms. Images of plants better reflect the relationship with nature which can lead to connections with the purity of nature, naturalness and nature-based products.

Style that is based on the deformation principle

If you choose any geometric flat shape and then tilt it to the side or “wrap” it around a triangular figure or sphere it will create an effect that is two-dimensional. This kind of graphic design is typically is utilized on logos of businesses in communications and or the Internet space.

How do you choose the best logo style

We will also provide you with tips for selecting styles, fonts, and colors to create your brand’s logo. The most important thing is that the logo corresponds to the preferences of the intended audience as well as the mission of your business.

What should you consider when choosing the best style

The fashion of your company will be directly based on the work of your business. Do you make the latest computers? Select “deformed” elements. Are you a manufacturer or seller of bicycles? The drop-dot look, also known as cubism is the best choice for you. The style will also depend on the message you wish to communicate to your customers.

How do you choose the best font for logos?

It is important to be able to trust your the style to make everything appear like it’s natural. Consider whether you’d like to portray your self as a strict person and formal. You can choose a brand-name inscription and, if you’re looking to express emotion, then choose calligraphy or handwritten fonts.

Which colors you should pick for your logo?

Colors are directly influenced by the design you have chosen. The logo should not contain more than four colors within the logo, or it will appear too bright and absurd. Check out the range of colors that you can mix with one another and select the one that best reflects the spirit of your business.

That’s all! We hope our suggestions can help you select the perfect design for your brand. Best of luck!