Is It Worth Getting a Car Accident Attorney in Philadelphia? 

Without the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer, automobile accident victims may be entirely at the mercy of insurance adjusters who may try to reduce the amount of money they will payout. Burns, disfigurement, permanent disability, brain injury, organ damage, and other injuries are all possible outcomes of car accidents. Repairs or a complete replacement of your car may be required. 

As a victim, you are entitled to compensation for your losses, and an auto accident lawyer knows how to make the claims procedure simple for you. Hiring a Philadelphia car accident attorney can help ensure that you receive all available remedies to resolve your claim. 

Pieces of Evidence Collected by a Car Accident Attorney 

An attorney can assemble all of this information and work with other experts to put up a strong case for you to negotiate a settlement with insurance companies both in and out of court.

  • Photographs from the accident site 
  • Police crash reports and photos of the damaged car 
  • Statements from eyewitnesses 
  • Event data from a vehicle’s data recorder 
  • Medical and professional records 
  • Cell phone records are examples of electronic proof.  
  • Records from the manufacturer and information on recalls 

Furthermore, accident victims may be unaware of their rights following a car accident, and insurance firms will try to take advantage of this. They’ll try to persuade you to confess fault or establish carelessness to reduce or dismiss your claim. An attorney can assist victims in understanding their rights and advising them on how to deal with adjusters without admitting fault or saying anything that could be interpreted as incriminating. 

In most cases, attorneys can recruit the expertise of a network of specialists to help you strengthen your claim, negotiate a better settlement, and level the playing field against insurance companies who are acting in bad faith.

Settlements differ based on the severity of the damages and the evidence supporting your claim. An insurance company may offer a rapid settlement amount based on data and calculations that allow them to decide how much they are willing to pay you. 

An injury lawyer will be able to increase your chances of succeeding in your case and collect evidence on your behalf according to the damages you sustained and the facts of your accident. Your attorney will take into account factors such as your past and future medical care, lost wages, police reports, testimony from witnesses and experts, as well as the extent of your injuries when negotiating a fair settlement.