How to understand maths well: steps to follow

Numbers and calculations are part of our everyday life. To buy, pay, deposit, credit, or learn, mathematics is involved everywhere. Hence students must focus on having a good command of this subject. From making everyday life activities quick, high academic scores, better career opportunities to future success, mathematics has several benefits for the students.

Some students enjoy learning maths while many face difficulty in understanding too. Let us discuss some effective tips which students can use to understand and solve maths better. Also, we will be discussing some techniques which teachers can follow for conducting effective maths classes for the learners.

What should students do?

Practice more

Maths is not a theory subject in which single-time learning is enough to understand well. It is a subject full of numbers, concepts, and facts that demand high practice sessions. All students who want to have effective mathematical skills must focus on this technique. With regular practising maths exercises, even the tricky maths puzzles and questions can be solved quickly. For practice, students can use multiple resources. First, start with the textbooks. Focus on doing the solved example questions first and later move to the complex ones. This will help in understanding the topics well. Also, you become confident and motivated to solve maths more effectively.

Always recheck

Maths is a subject in which even a small mistake of digit or operational sign can make the whole question incorrect. And when students don’t get the correct solutions, they feel demotivated and upset. Also, they start finding maths difficult and show less interest in the subject.

To avoid this from happening, students must develop a habit of rechecking every step of their solutions. In this way, students will be able to make fewer mistakes. Also, they will get to know where they are lagging and what must be practised more. By following this technique even the tricky maths puzzles and riddles can be accurately solved by the students gradually.

Make notes

Maths lessons are full of theorems, concepts, and formulas. Making notes on them to understand and solve maths questions, problems must be done by all the students. While learning, they should make lesson-wise notes of the formulas. Also, students can make combined lists of the formulas and can paste them near their study tables. This will help you to save it in your mind for a long time or permanently.

What should teachers do?

Conduct doubt classes for students

Separate and proper doubt classes must be conducted by the teachers. In regular classes, resolving every doubt of the students is not possible for the teachers because their main focus is on completing the planned topic or syllabus for that particular class.  But as we know that doubt resolution is very important when it comes to subjects like maths.

All teachers must conduct proper doubt classes for the students whether teaching via classroom app or traditionally. These classes will ensure that students are understating well. Allow them to raise their doubts and queries, and explain in detail the solutions. Also, you can teach students some important topics and techniques again.

Use technical tools

Sometimes textbooks are not enough to make students understand applicative subjects like maths. And in this regard, technical and modern teaching tools can be beneficial. The audio and visual tools, attractive pictures help students to relate to the concepts better. Teachers can use any classroom app to access tools like presentations, modules, maths quizzes, riddles, multiple question answer worksheets, educational videos, and picture cards. Today’s children understand and respond well when taught with the help of technology. Class participation and interaction of the students will also be improved this way.

Take tests frequently

Maths is a subject that demands regular effort and learning. To ensure that students are properly linked with maths learning, frequent maths tests can be helpful. When teachers conduct regular tests, students will also learn regularly. Also, this will help teachers to track the performance, preparation, and understanding of the maths. Regular tests will also help students to analyse their self-learning and knowledge. Good scores will motivate students to continue their hard work. And teachers, students both can work in improving maths teaching and learning respectively.


Maths is a very important academic subject. From better everyday life, high academic scores to future success, all can be achieved with good mathematical skills. All the above-mentioned tips can be used by students to understand maths better. Also, we discussed the techniques which teachers can use to make maths classes more beneficial and meaningful to the leaders. One thing students must focus on is that maths cannot be overnight and hence regular learning and practice are mandatory to do.