How to Spot a Fake from Legitimate Magic Mushroom Shop

Buying in a magic mushroom shop online is the safest option rather than sourcing them from an unknown seller on social media. You can find tips on recognizing if an online shop or a product is fake or legitimate.

However, not every eCommerce online means you get safe products, or they are legitimate. Sometimes they appear like a good website, but you won’t receive your item once you purchase it.

This article will discuss how to spot a fake magic mushroom shop and how to know if your purchase is of good quality or not.

How to Know If a Website is Safe?

Spotting magic mushrooms online that are fake is quite a challenge. Just because the interface doesn’t look updated doesn’t mean the website is a scam.

When you plan to buy from an unknown website, take your time to learn more about them. You can see subtle evidence that a site is legitimate and fulfiling its customers’ orders.

Check Each Page

A shroom dispensary has multiple pages that are neatly arranged according to its content. Furthermore, you can find details on the About page, and other sites offer social media proofs.

You can look at the products they sell and the reviews on their site. Of course, not all products have reviews, especially if the shop is new.

You can also notice that the website’s design is well-thought-out and provides a less distracting page. 


Review matters when buying a product since it can prove that a website does ship out to its customers. However, you must be vigilant when reading reviews. 

Not all reviews can be genuine. Some fake sites create accounts that leave their site reviews to look legitimate. It can be pretty alarming if you notice plenty of too-good-to-be-true reviews.

Even the most popular shroom dispensaries don’t have all positive product reviews. Plus, you can see the customer service’s response to customer complaints.

Read Forums 

Before you make a purchase, you can visit forum sites to help you get to know more about a magic mushroom shop. There are hidden places online that discuss shrooms and everything related to them.

You can ask questions to members or check on answers from legitimate online dispensaries. Often, real online websites are active on forums or other sites that permit the discussion of illegal substances. They offer their insights over such platforms.

Lowest Price 

Mushrooms are not cheap, although they are also not extremely expensive. You can unlikely get a gram of shroom for less than $10.

To be sure, you can compare prices from multiple dispensaries online. You can check each of their prices to see if they don’t have a substantial difference from one another. 

One product that is not cheap is magic mushroom edibles. High-quality edibles are pricey depending on the brand or type of product. These mushroom products are well-processed, lab-tested, and have the highest quality shrooms.

Contact Us Page

Legit websites make it easy for customers to get in touch with them. You can look for an email address on the About Us or Contact Us page and send a message to the sales team.

How to Spot a Fake Magic Mushroom

When you buy mushrooms online, you need to check them to ensure you get the best ones. You can also check a few things to see if your shrooms are real or not.

There are distinct characteristics that make shrooms easily recognizable when in their raw state. The following traits are typical of them all:

  • Dark golden brown when young and lightens as it matures
  • The center part appears darker than the rest of the cap
  • Bluish discoloration on the stems. It is an indication of psilocybin content
  • Deep purple gills break when caps become larger.

However, fresh shrooms are not often available to purchase because of their short shelf-life. Therefore, most online dispensaries offer dried versions.

Dried mushrooms look different and are pretty difficult to distinguish from one another. However, there are still signs that you have purchased a legitimate magic mushroom.

When you break the stem, you have bluish parts on them. In addition, the gills remain even when shrooms are dried.

Another concern is fake capsules that some sellers label as magic mushrooms. However, it can contain an unknown amount of amphetamine derivatives, LSD, etc. 

The best way to prevent them is not to buy capsules without packaging. Instead, purchase shroom capsules or edibles with the brand’s logo, instructions, and ingredients. These products are lab-tested and guaranteed safe.

Keep Safe Online

You have to take your time when buying shrooms online. Research what you need to know about a magic mushroom shop, check on their reviews and read forums to guarantee they’re not fake.

Aside from checking on your dispensary of choice, inspect your shroom order once it arrives. Magic mushrooms tend to bruise even when dry, so look for this sign. It is best to stay safe when buying psychedelic substances.