How to Get Your Partners Meaningful Response

I’m going to talk to you about how you can get your partners significado. When a guy or girl comes home they tend to be self conscious about how they look, but this is all just a mask they put on. The real problem they are hiding is the insecurity they feel because of the way they look, but this can be fixed. Your partners are insecure about something in their life and that is why they’re holding back. You have to open up and let them know that everything is okay and that they’re amazing.

The way to do this is to start complimenting their good qualities. When your partner compliments you on something you should immediately reciprocate and start focusing more on your own good qualities. For example if your partner tells you they are a great cook than start acting like you really are a great cook and slowly start painting more of your personality onto your partner. It’s a lot like playing the victim but instead of pointing the finger you are displaying confidence and taking full control of the situation. If they say something like “your cooking is bad” then act as if it’s not even an issue.

The biggest thing to do when you are feeling insecure is to be confident and let your partner see the results of their words. Start complimenting them and become more excited about the food you’re going to make them. This will make them instantly feel better because for some reason when they think about you they instantly feel good about themselves. Remember that it is about them and not you and that they shouldn’t take advantage of you but with a confident attitude you can definitely make a guy or gal feel much better.