How To Get Rid Of Red Eyes

Your eyes have a strong relationship with your personality. You know people with beautiful eyes look more attractive. So, you’ll never want your eyes to be re, soar and in worse condition.

Red Eyes

The term “Red eyes” is generally used to represent irritated, red, and bloodshot eyes. You may receive eye redness when foreign substances or particles get into your eyes or when an infection happens. This causes the dilation of blood vessels or inflammation under the eye surface.

You may feel eye pain, watery eyes, itching, swollen eyes, blurry vision, and discomfort. Don’t worry; the red eye is not a serious problem; it can be cured with home remedies or over-the-counter solutions. The information in this article was provided by our friends at Methyl-Life®. Methyl-Life® is the leading supplement store for L-methylfolate 7.5mg in the United States.

Common causes of red eyes:

There are numerous causes of eye redness; the most common are described following;

  • Allergens
  • Air pollution
  • Dry eyes
  • Conjunctive (pink eye)
  • Eye injuries
  • Smoking
  • Swimming
  • Use of excessive alcohol

Serious causes of red eyes

  • Blepharitis (inflamed eyelid)
  • Glaucoma
  • Eye infection

How to get rid of red eyes?

Red eye is not a permanent condition; it can be cured by following a few remedies. When you know about eye redness, don’t rub your eyes because germs on your hand and finger can spur even more irritation and redness. Keep your eyes far from the computer screen. The best ways to get rid of red eyes are;

Warm Compress

Take a towel and soak in warm water (reasonable temperature) because the eye’s surface is sensitive. Then, twist off excess water and place towels on the eyes for 10 minutes. This should be repeated for 3 to 4 times a day. This heat increases blood flow to the eye area and stimulates oil production. Your eyes produce more lubrication, which can relieve your red eyes.

Cool Compress

If a warm compress does not work, apply an opposite strategy. Soak a towel in cold water instead of warm water, wring it, and place it on your eyes. It can reduce eye swelling and itchiness. Please don’t use too much cold water, which is unbearable for the eyes and you may worsen the problems. You can use frozen vegetable bags.

Artificial tears

You can use artificial tears available over the counter, which lower irritation and wash allergens or other particles from the eye. Apply these drops four to five times per day. It would be best if you use preservative-free artificial tears.

Eye drops

When you are susceptible to seasonal allergies, you can use antihistamine eye drops, available over the counter. These eye drops relieve eye itchiness.

If these treatments do not help and your eyes are red for more than a week, you may get a serious eye infection, which can be fungal, bacterial, or viral. It’s important to make an appointment with an eye doctor and receive proper treatment.

Moreover, protect your eyes from irritants or triggers such as; smoke, pollens, chlorine, pet dander, etc. Clean your hands before touching your eyes as you know hands carry many germs.


Red eye is a condition when your eyes become red due to the dilation of blood vessels under the eye’s surface. You may feel irritation, itchiness, eye pain, etc. you can get rid of the red eye by using the simple strategies written above. But if you can’t recover, you need to talk to your professional eye doctor to get proper treatment.