How to Get More Likes on Instagram: A Complete Guide

Although one of the first social indicators to indicate post performance was the number of likes received on Instagram, this metric is still frequently used by marketers. With just a double tap, viewers can get it for free. Also, an Instagram Like counts against overall engagement statistics.

Instagram is testing removing the public Like counts from posts, although the statistic will still be used internally. 

Instagram like removal has been put to the test in a number of nations, including Australia and Canada, and as of the time this article was published, the test had been extended to include the United States. 

Although we don’t yet know what will happen with public Instagram Likes, brands and influencers can still see the numbers in their analytics.

The following list of techniques can assist you in increasing your Instagram Like counts each post. Although we’ve discussed fundamentals like taking attractive photos and being consistent, it’s always a good idea to keep them in mind. 

These principles for using Instagram for business will form the basis of your strategy, and these suggestions will act as enhancers to help you get the most out of your content.

9 Strategies for Instagram Likes

  1. Get inspiration from diverse brands and sectors

What sources do you look to for inspiration? If you only pay attention to your field or group of friends, you won’t discover fresh ideas. Instead, take the time to do some study and locate some motivational accounts to follow. 

Mix your industry, closely related sectors, and industries that are outside of your purview. Even if their readership isn’t similar to yours, there’s a good chance that you can get some ideas for your own strategy from the way they approach their blogs.

Williams Sonoma uses visuals to emphasize a number of suggestions that would have been challenging to convey with an image. 

It ties in with the holidays on time and is simple to understand. Even though this issue may not be relevant to your brand, it is easy to understand the advantages of using an example to clarify a complex topic.

  1. Run a similarity-based competition

Instagram posts that are the most interesting often focus on discounts and freebies. Contests are fun to enter, and the more people who enter the more participation you will get.

For a Like-based photo contest, like the post must be one of the entry requirements. The other two requirements are often following the account and tagging one or more friends. You’ll nearly surely receive a lot of engagement because liking a post for an entry has such a low barrier.

  1. Plan your hashtag strategy

One of the simplest ways to gain organic recognition for your company is to use hashtags strategically. This does not indicate that you must use the hashtags #top, #beautiful, or #hair in every post. It requires being selective when choosing hashtags for your business and industry. 

Having a brand hashtag makes it simpler to find influencers and content that is similar to yours. You might be able to observe what’s trending in your industry and prevent missing out by using industry hashtags.

  1. Determine the relevant accounts

It is important to give credit where credit is due. When appropriate, tag the people you are working with in the caption and on the post. For instance, if a famous person or object appears in your shot, include them in the post. 

It is quick and gives credit to the creators. Brands will usually like and remark on your content as a result of these tags.

  1. Ask to be tagged by a friend

Ever wanted to share an Instagram post with a buddy right away since it caught your attention so much? You often have three choices in these situations: copy the URL and text it to them, email it to them in a direct message, or tag them in a remark. 

It’s easy to ask folks to tag a buddy if you offer interesting or amusing content. This is just the next thing they’re going to dothey were probably going to tag someone anyhow.

  1. Make a note of where you posted

For travel and retail firms in particular, tagging a location is crucial since it guarantees that customers will see your photo when they search for a location. You shouldn’t need to spend any more time on it because it is rather easy to accomplish.

Many Instagram-savvy diners use Instagram to research the greatest menu items and beverages at a restaurant. They may easily reach a specified place and locate pictures of the foods they want to taste. If your content is strong, the location tag will bring you organic Instagram likes by TikFuel.

  1. Make sure your captions are as good as your pictures

Great media is necessary for developing a captive audience, as we have all heard. But what about the accompanying caption? 

Don’t ignore that part of the conversation or use your words automatically. If you utilize the right tone and voice, your descriptions can be just as captivating as your pictures.

You must establish in your viewers a sense of expectation if you want to make caption quality a priority. 

They’ll eagerly anticipate the captions for the subsequent article and read your postings more thoroughly. It is possible to develop the ability to write captivating captions over time.

  1. Choose a meme or a fad

When used wisely, memes and post trends can still result in interesting results. There are entire Instagram accounts devoted to memes about particular topics and subjects. 

You must first make sure you are speaking to the right audience before you can apply this to your own account. By doing so, it can be inferred that they are conversant with popular culture and have spent enough time online to understand a meme when they encounter one. 

Make sure you’re tuned into your audience before using something just because it’s hot or popular because a meme could be more offensive than useful for some firms where this type of humor isn’t a fit.

  1. Vary the Instagram content types you use

The launch of Stories broadened the types of material available on Instagram. Perhaps related, engagement on feed posts decreased around the same time. 

Nonetheless, interaction is more uniformly dispersed across all material types. The metric has been widened to include story replies, post likes, and video views.