How to enhance study productivity: tips for students

Completing all the planned tasks of classroom learning and self-studies sums up the study productivity of a student. To study effectively and achieve educational goals and objectives, productivity skills play an important role. The benefits of productivity skills are

  • Better concentration and focus
  • Enhanced work effectiveness
  • Better goal accomplishment
  • Academic performance is enhanced.

Let us discuss some tips and techniques that students can use to enhance their study productivity and learn better.

Tips to enhance study productivity

1. Avoid procrastination

One of the main reasons behind the low level of productivity among the students is the habit of procrastinating. Many students spend too much time on social media and other leisure activities and for this, they keep delaying and avoiding their other important work and duties. Another reason is laziness and the wrong attitude among students. They take their studies, homework, and exams very lightly and avoid learning. The laziness inside them relaxes more and does less. Students in order to increase their study productivity must avoid procrastinating. Do the work according to the planned schedule only. You can read motivational quotes for students which encourage you for effective work and avoid procrastinating for better goal accomplishment.

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2. Smart work

Working for long hours on a single task is not productive. Trying to complete it in shorter durations effectively so that you get time for other activities is known as smart working. Many students give so much time to a single work and therefore they are left with no time to do other learning duties. For example, instead of reading textbooks again and again to understand a lesson, students can use online teaching sites to access multiple audiovisual learning resources and complete the lessons quickly. This will help students to stay productive. Other activities such as instead of vocally learning, writing, and making notes can make students more productive

and effective.

3. Physical activity

By moving your bodies by any form of physical activity, students can enhance their productivity for effective studies. Physical activities have several benefits. It keeps the body fit and active by regulating the right blood pressure, weight, circulation, and heart rate. A healthy and fit body tends to work better as compared to a student who doesn’t do any physical workout and stays lazy. By doing any physical workout such as dancing, yoga, walking, jogging, and Zumba keeps you more energetic throughout the day. Also, by doing this, mental health is regulated. With an active mind, concentration and focus level is improved. This makes students more productive.

4. Set deadlines for yourself

One thing which students can do for enhancing their study productivity is by setting deadlines. For example, you can set a time by which you have to wind up a lesson. When your mind will have an idea of a fixed date or time by which work needs to be over, productivity is improved automatically. Sometimes, a little amount of stress or pressure can enhance the effectiveness of a student. For this purpose, students must stick to the timetable which is created. Secondly, set a reminder alarm that will keep you more active and involved with your work rather than relaxing and procrastinating.

5. Take a few breaks in  between your work

Many students feel that taking breaks is a waste of time and it reduces their work effectiveness and productivity. But it is a wrong assumption. Our mind is not a machine and needs some time to relax and store the information which we just learned. Breaks help students to re-energize their bodies. It helps to cure burnouts, tiredness, and mental fatigue caused. Along with this focus and concentration levels of the students are also improved by taking some breaks in between their studies.

6. Stay less distracted

Distractions surely affect the productivity of a student. To work better and accomplish goals faster, students need to limit distractions. For example, while studying students should keep their mobile and app notifications on mute mode. This helps students to focus better. Along with this, studying in a quiet and calm place, free from environmental distractions, helps students to work and concentrate better.


Productivity plays an important role in the life of a student. By adopting and following the above-mentioned six tips, students can improve their study productivity. This will help them to learn and perform academically much better.

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