How Do You Become An Amazon SPN?

If you are looking for an online marketplace to sell your products, Amazon is the first and foremost answer. However, selling on Amazon is not as easy as just installing a stall on the street and starting selling. Considering the tough competition, there is a lot to take into account before stepping into the Amazon business. That means, from Amazon PPC management to Amazon business optimization and everything that comes in between, the process is challenging to consume. In addition to this, there are a few things you need right from the start.

That includes product catalog, description, marketable images, research, pricing, and most importantly customer experience, and a good understanding of Amazon.

Although Amazon has tools, platforms, and resources designed to guide you through this process, having them comprehend fully requires a lot of time. That’s why Amazon has another quick answer to this that is SPN. SPN (Service Provider Network) provides you with multiple Amazon account management services, and much more. So let’s dig deep into each aspect of SPN.

What Is Needed To Become An Amazon SPN?

Amazon SPN is a network of service provider companies that Amazon picked, trained, and certified to be Service provider networks. Having a label of Amazon SPN is ultimately a medal of quality and becoming it includes dedicated effort. From observing Amazon marketplace standards and requirements to putting effort to meet them, it’s a tough and sometimes long race to run. The reason for this is Amazon is quite picky while selecting companies to bring under its label of SPN. That means, it includes a tough process of adjusting your company policies, getting trusted and skilled workers and clients qualified, good communication with Amazon managers, and much more.  To find more information about importance of branding, you should try What is the Amazon Buy Box for Amazon sales.

Amazon Service Provider Network:

Launched in 2014, the sole purpose behind SPN was to create a network of companies that will further be a source of quality services for Amazon’s entrepreneurs. More than 300 such companies exist with more than 100,000 sellers availing their services regularly. When it launched in 2014, entrepreneurs could contact SPN companies of Amazon to avail themselves of multiple services. That includes Setting up an account, optimizing images, Listing, and some third-party services. But now the services range has increased widely with the increasing demand of Amazon. That includes Amazon account management services, preparing products for warehouses, translation of listings into Amazon’s sites languages, consolidation, international delivery, and much more. However, there are some services SPN is top known for that are listed below.

What Are The Top 7 Services Amazon SPN Offers?

There are multiple services Amazon Service Provider Network offers to help sellers launch, Manage, and grow their Amazon businesses. Have a look at some of the best ones of them.

1. Optimization and Advertisement:

A business that goes for Amazon advertisement platforms, SPN helps them and guides them through the process of setting and optimizing advertisement. And it is one of the most important services of SPN as Optimization of advertisement further acts as a catalyst to manage and grow your business.

2. Catalogue Designing:

Designing catalog not only helps sellers list their new arrivals but also enhances buying appeal of the product. Moreover, it also helps optimize the existing list following Amazon guidelines. And there is nothing to worry about as SPN helps you from designing catalogs to writing attractive product descriptions that not only improve the customer experience but also enhance the product’s discoverability.

3. Marketable Imaging:

There are multiple imaging services SPN offers that enhance the appeal of your product on Amazon. That includes Images editing, Professional product photos, and model shoots. Image has a great influence on the buyer into buying the product as it enhances the presentation. That’s why brands now put a considerable portion of their time into shooting their products. Because presentation matters.

4. Preparation For FBA:

Multiple Amazon sellers use Fulfillment by Amazon. SPN helps them prepare their products for Amazon fulfillment centers without much hassle. FBA preparation includes several services namely poly bagging, storage, quality checks, bundling, and labeling.

5. Amazon Account Management Services:

SPN provides account management services that are useful enough to support sellers with regular seller operations. Moreover, they also provide sellers with insight into their business growth on Amazon.

SPN helps sellers with multiple regular hurdles like setting up coupons or products is a big headache for many sellers. SPN saves you from such headaches.

6. Business Content:

SPN helps you increase the conversion rate by adding quality descriptions and features. That includes adding increased quality and quantity content, comparisons to explain products better, and professional imagery to enhance customer trust to further increase conversions.

7. More SPN Services:

SPN offers a wide range of services to be of help to entrepreneurs and is continuously adding more to enhance and improve and enhance seller experience. Other than the above-mentioned services, there are some additional offerings of SPN that are listed below. SPN helps you with

  • Storage
  • Taxes
  • Accounting
  • Amazon PPC Management
  • Shipping and Returns on International Level
  • IP Accelerator
  • Compliance
  • Language Translation Services
  • Training
  • Inventory

Should I Become An Amazon SPN?

Well, as you know after reading all the above details, it’s a tough game that requires conscious effort and dedication to your motif. Moreover, before all this, you would have to maintain your company, train your workers, make an organized team, align your policies with Amazon requirements, have good communication, and much more to finally come under the label of Amazon SPN. And most importantly before doing all this you should first have a good insight into the Amazon platform. So if you can confidently say that you have all that is needed to add quality to Amazon’s entrepreneur’s life and have enough determination to further mold things to Amazon’s policy, then go for it. Otherwise, I might suggest thinking twice.


SPN is no doubt a widely helpful network of Amazon’s service providers. That means they are not just limited to helping you with setting your seller’s account. But take care of taxes, amazon PPC management, accounting, optimization, and many other things. All these features come under one umbrella, named SPN. So if you want to improve your brand growth, conversion, and visibility on Amazon, but don’t know where to go?  urtasker should be your go-to place. Avail its services and thank us later.