How Can A Victim Make A Claim Against At-fault driver’s insurance? 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 6 million cases of car accidents have been reported by police every year, out of which around 3 million people file a  lawsuit and claim insurance. The rest of the population suffers badly after an accident and does not take action for their right. 

If you have gone through an accident due to the negligence of another driver, faced massive car damage and suffering due to physical injuries, emotional trauma, medical bills, facing financial issues and lost wages. You need not tolerate it silently, as you have been given the right by state law to claim against an at-fault driver and their insurance company. 

This process takes time as the at-fault party insurer does an investigation and makes it fully confirms that either their customer is really at fault or not. And it’s not guaranteed that the insurer of another party will agree to pay good compensation. 

Sometimes they will ask for a settlement at an insignificant amount. Well, the other way to get good compensation is to hire the best car accident attorney in Knoxville. Your lawyer can help you to win the claim against the at-fault party’s insurance company. 

What is a Third-Party Claim?

If you have faced an accident due to the negligence of another driver then you can file a claim that is known as a Third-party claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The third-party claim offers coverage against the damage which has affected the victim.

Procedure To Make a Claim Against At-fault Driver’s Insurance

After the accident patiently talk with the at-fault driver and gather the important information

  • Ask driver’s name and note down his phone number
  • Note down his vehicle plate number and ask for other information
  • Collect his license and registration information
  • Ask him to give you the ID card and note down their auto insurance information from the ID card

You should take pictures of the accident scene and the damaged car. Talk to the witness and note down their testimonies. Take the help of the police and ask them to file an accident report and don’t forget to ask for a copy of an accident report.

After collecting all the information, you can talk to your insurer and inform him about the whole incident. Frequently, they will take action and file the claim on your behalf against the driver’s insurance company or you can directly contact the at-fault party insurance company. The insurer of the at-fault party will assign an adjuster for investigating the accident and determine who is at the fault. After investigation, if they find out that you were on the right claim and it was the fault of their client then they will surely pay you the cost of damage. 

What Does The Victim Will Recover After Filing A Claim Against At-fault Driver’s Insurance? 

If you have been injured and faced financial as well as physical difficulties due to the negligence of another driver. Then it’s your right to claim compensation for 

  • Medical expenses along with physical disabilities caused after an accident
  • Loss of wages as it becomes hard to work after the accident due to injuries
  • Property damage as your car got devastated badly 
  • You can also claim if your loved one died and he was the source of financial income, and now the family is facing hardship due to the loss of income, even you can claim for medical expenses that you spend on the treatment of the deceased one when he got injured in an accident.

If you successfully want to reimburse your loss then it’s crucial to provide a vehicle inspection report, the original medical reports and the original bills of the garage where you took your car for the repair. If your claims proved to be valid then you’ll get good compensation.

What If The At-fault Driver Is Uninsured?

Every state has made it mandatory for drivers to have car insurance. But according to the insurance research council, it has been reported that two out of ten are uninsured. 

If the at-fault driver is uninsured and he did an accident out of negligence. And now you have gone through injuries and the massive accident causes damage to your vehicle then you can contact your insurance company. As they will help you to pay the compensation. 

Last Words

The state law has authorized a lot of profitable rules for your safety and has given you the rights that you can claim to get justice. If you are a victim of a car accident and have gone through massive damage due to the fault of another driver then it’s your right to claim compensation from the negligent drivers’ insurance company or you can contact your insurer. Well, no doubt these processes take a lot of time so one of the best options is to hire the best car accident attorney in Knoxville. Your lawyer will help you from the claim to a successful settlement.