From Joysticks to Glory: The Evolution of eSports in Thailand

Today’s Thailand can boast a well-developed industry in the gaming and eSports sectors. Nowadays, Thailand is home to worldwide popular professional gamers, and its gaming realm is billions of dollars worth. But has the country always been so keen on gaming and eSports? Our article will discuss the role and rise of this industry in Thailand, from the first arcade PC-based games to be played with a joystick to the most advanced eSports competitions of all time.

Quick History of Gaming and eSports in Thailand

The early 2000s allowed gaming and eSports to flourish on Thai soil. Online gaming became popular during those years, especially among young players. The next step happened as Thai gamers switched to online gaming, a new experience that inspired them to form the first pro teams to participate in international competitions.

Let’s jump to the present: Thailand is home to several skilled eSports players and professional teams. Furthermore, the country has hosted numerous international gaming tournaments, including the Overwatch World Cup and the Dota 2 Asia Championships. With the growth of gaming popularity, eSports is currently one of the most dynamic and lively scenes for online betting. Thus, Thai followers are big fans of traditional sports like football or baseball but are also avid fans of online esports betting. In fact, eSports and gaming have earned so much space in contemporary Thai culture that they are recognized as a valuable career alternative for Thai youth. Today, gaming and eSports in Thailand look well-promising, with ongoing growth at a rapid speed. 

Most Popular eSports Competitions in ThailandThailand's eSports teams

Thailand is one of the few countries with a focus on mobile gaming without leaving PC gaming aside. Thus, you can find that console games have for Thais the same value as online eSports competitions. Here, we want to highlight which games are the most played in Thailand:

1. League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most beloved eSports in Thailand. It’s a multiplayer battle-kind game that has already conquered the hearts of millions of players worldwide. Thai gamers formed a dedicated community for this game. Also, Thai gamers with proven game expertise in League of Legends achieved recognition at an international level. The country hosts the TPL (Thai Pro League), a major League of Legends tournament that showcases local talents.

2. PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds Mobile has stolen the scene by attracting the attention of international gamers with this battle-focused game. Thailand has several skilled gamers and teams that have appeared in international competitions for PUBG, such as the PUBG Mobile Pro League Southeast Asia Championship.

3. Dota 2

It’s not a random fact that battle-focused games stand out in the gaming arena. Dota 2 belongs to this category, as well. The game has an immense following in Thailand, attracting a large fanbase to competitive and complex gameplay. Dota 2 is more than a respectable competitor to other eSports in the same category. Thai players and teams appeared in Dota 2 competitions like The International, a prestigious opportunity for the country to showcase its best players.

4. Free Fire

Another mobile battle royale (MOBA) game that gained sensational success worldwide, Thailand included. Free Fire features active and vibrant gameplay for immersive battle episodes. The Free Fire Pro League Thailand (FFPL) is a fire-burning league with top players from every corner of the country.


Thailand’s thriving eSports and gaming scenario offers several prestigious events on an international stage. Gone are the times when players used a joystick, although the path to success for the industry began from there. Thailand is currently one of Southeast Asia’s best markets for eSports and gaming.