Fisher & Paykel Predicts ‘Slow Living’ to Dominate Appliances in 2023

In Fisher & Paykel’s view, slow living can become a way of life, bringing mindfulness and consciousness to all aspects of our daily lives, from food to clothing to the purchases we make.

Today, consumers have become more knowledgeable about how to effectively store food, avoid waste, and consume mindfully, according to the report.

Here are a few ways Fisher & Paykel envisions this trend manifesting in the home.

Efficient Use Of Energy

According to Fisher & Paykel, choosing a large household appliance is increasingly driven by energy efficiency. Our purchase decisions are becoming more and more influenced by our rising awareness of the state of the world. Nowadays, more consumers are choosing environmentally friendly appliances by checking the energy and water efficiency ratings before making a purchase. Energy labels help us choose the most energy-efficient products for our homes by providing information on how efficient an appliance is, how much water it consumes, and how quiet it is.


The United States discards 80 billion pounds (over 40 million tons) of food annually; this is more than any other nation in the world. In addition to the financial cost of throwing away rotten food, there are environmental repercussions as well because food waste produces large amounts of greenhouse gases.

According to Fisher & Paykel, individuals are becoming more knowledgeable about the best ways to do so as they search for simple, cost-effective solutions they can use right away. Composting leftovers, freezing fresh products, and coming up with inventive methods to prepare vegetables are all examples of how resourceful consumers are becoming. It’s not just a matter of having a cold fridge; temperature and humidity can also have an impact on this.

Sustainable Appliances

Our relationship with the area around us has deepened as a result of our continual efforts to lessen our impact on the environment. Sustainability is more important than ever, but businesses also need to do their part because, too often, customers have to carry the load.

As people commit to protecting the environment, the responsibility will visibly permeate our decisions and be the driving factor for every change manufacturers and consumers make.

Manufacturers will aim to enhance their current product lines, striving to produce long-lasting, high-performance products to minimize the need to send anything to the landfill. Fast homewares are on the rise as high street brands imitate popular styles.

An important aspect of this is ensuring your appliances are well-maintained. To ensure your appliances last longer and function better, have them repaired only by professional appliance repair services like Asurion.

Clothes And Laundry

According to Fisher & Paykel, the slow fashion movement has been fueled by a shift away from excessive consumption and quick fashion. Also, people are choosing their clothes more carefully and making “capsule wardrobes” with only the most important pieces. A lot of consumers now try to purchase ethical and ecological products while taking better care of what they already own. One method to achieve this is to wash clothes more carefully. People can take simple steps to keep their clothing appearing brand new, such as washing clothes at cooler temperatures, avoiding harsh fabric softeners, and not hanging knitwear.