FIFA World Cup: Reactions to Goncalo Ramos’ Hat-Trick for Portugal

The Portugal vs. Switzerland match ended in Portugal’s favor with a 6-1 score. Goncalo Ramos, the 21-year-old, scored a hat-trick after starting before Ronaldo.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is closing in on the Round of 16, and every match has been a spectacle. While the Portugal vs. Switzerland match seemed like an even contest on paper, the reality was much different.

Portugal landed a comfortable 6-1 win against Swiss, even with their star player not starting the game. To the surprise of many, Cristiano Ronaldo did not start the game against Switzerland, a fearsome foe.

Instead, it was the 21-year-old forward, Goncalo Ramos, who was given a surprise start. The player capitalized on the opportunity seamlessly, scoring the World Cup’s first hat-trick. Ramos’ match-winning performance rewarded Coach Santos’ faith in the player.

Ramos stated that starting before the five-time Ballon d’Or winner was something the player never expected. However, the results are out now, and the team is ready for the quarterfinal game against Morocco.

Internet’s Reaction to Portugal’s Victory

As expected, the internet blew up after Ramos’ incredible performance. Many big names went on Twitter to praise the forward and Portugal alike. Gary Lineker praised Ramos for scoring a hat-trick after replacing one of the game’s greatest players.

Similarly, Usher Komugisha stated that the 21-year-old only took 67 minutes to score the event’s first hat-tricka truly amazing feat. Even the official Twitter accounts of the FIFA World Cup and Portugal shared delightful tweets after the game.

Filling the Shoes of a Role Model

Ramos has gone on record several times to speak about how much of a role model Ronaldo has been for the player. The admiration for the 37-year-old legend is a given, seeing how Ramos was only 2 years old when Ronaldo made his Portugal debut.

In a recent interview, Ramos talked about how the dressing room acted before the match. According to the player, the surprise team lineup did not faze many. Everyone had an easy reaction, and nobody talked about it. Ronaldo acted as captain and talked to everyone to calm them. 

Other than Ronaldo, Ramos has also idolized two of the biggest names in the sport: Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robert Lewandowski. 

This was Ramos’ fourth official appearance for the national team, having been on the field for only ten minutes during the group stage. As for the player’s debut, it occurred during the pre-World Cup matches against Nigeria.

The 21-year-old entered the field during the 67th minute and scored a goal for the team. The Algarve-born player boomed with Benfica before being picked by Liverpool as a central striker. So far, the player has scored 14 goals in 21 games, demonstrating quick adaptation to the new role.

Saying that Ramos has a bright future ahead will be an understatement as Portugal gets ready for the quarterfinals.