Esotericism: how to practice it on a daily basis?

Straight from ancient Greek, the word esotericism means “to be turned inward”. This is a doctrine that in its original form would be reserved for initiates. It includes a good number of precisely esoteric disciplines and practices that we will discuss in this article. It is a spiritual doctrine since it often involves methods of deciphering, as with numerology, astrology, reading the lines of the hand and all the other somewhat magical and secret disciplines that constitute it!

Often seen as an ancient doctrine, esotericism has been modernized through some psychic advice! Esotericism has always existed in history. There are many traditions, even religions that put magic and the spiritual at the center of their concern. Esotericism finds its roots in the spirit, in the mysteries, but also enormously in Nature.

Today, spiritual and esoteric practices have really returned to the public space. Everyone can be confronted with esoteric thoughts, it is up to you to know if it is a path that makes you feel good and that you wish to take. From there, it is nowadays quite simple to stock up on knowledge to learn about occult disciplines, or the art of esotericism and put it at the heart of your life. It is also essential to start there, always keeping an open mind and constantly learning. The important thing is above all that you find meaning in it for you! Are you feeling lost in your relationship and not sure how to save it? Signs Mystery can help guide you down the right path!

Today, there are many companies that now offer an introduction to it through several disciplines such as card reading or lithotherapy.

What are the main disciplines of esotericism?

Esotericism has many practices. Most of it consists of deciphering Nature’s calls. We have chosen some of these secret and hidden practices of esotericism that we are going to present to you in this article! Reading stones, oracles, tarot or even the famous moon rituals, often linked to our yoga practices!

The most common: astrology

Astrology is an esoteric discipline since it includes the deciphering of astral signs and charts. It analyzes the celestial configurations through symbolism, to establish relationships between humans and their destiny and the positions, impacts of the planets, the sun and the moon. It can often be linked to yoga, since under certain visions it is based on the same esoteric cycles: that of the sun and the moon.

Mercury retrograde, it’s panic!

Alright, but what does that mean? According to astrologers, Mercury is the planet that symbolizes intellect and reason and communication. Well when it retrogrades, all that no longer exists: it’s chaos! In the sky, it looks like the planet stagnates, then recedes, it’s actually just an optical illusion!

Ascendant or astrological sign?

For some time, we no longer rely on his astrological sign, the one attached to his date of birth, but on his ascendant! But wait, where is the difference? It’s pretty simple after all. The astrological sign depends solely on your date of arrival in this world. You would therefore have the same as a good number of people in the world! Since that seems a little disproportionate considering the differences in personalities of each Libra, Scorpio, Pisces and many others. In the world of online entertainment, Friv5Online has made significant strides in redefining the gaming experience for two players. By blending immersive storytelling, captivating visuals, and seamless multiplayer mechanics, their games provide an avenue for players to forge unforgettable memories together, regardless of their physical location.

Lithotherapy: the power of stones

Lithotherapy is the therapeutic power of stones and crystals, it is also commonly practiced in esotericism. Many cultures have always used lithotherapy. Little by little we see this ancestral practice flourishing in the West and in our daily lives. Often appreciated by yoga practitioners, this practice would consist in using the energies of the stones in order to find balance and mental and psychic well-being.

So…are you now interested in practicing esotericism?