Different Ways on How Social Media can be Used in Education

Social media is a widespread technique among businesses and the education sector. It allows getting more visible to your target audience, share engaging content, and reaching potential customers or users. Moreover, social media can not only help promote schools and universities but also come in handy for improving classroom uses.

As technology and the Internet are an essential part of our daily lives, educational institutions are no exception to this rule. While businesses in the real estate industry can use a real estate chatbot and email marketing tools, educational businesses have access to the same solutions. Each social platform can provide students and teachers with various benefits and be a great tool for internal and external communication. 

Three ways to use social media in education

Social media can be used for classroom and marketing purposes. If you take a step further, it can also be used for e-learning opportunities. So, let’s see what other benefits social platforms have in education.

1. Leverage Facebook groups for discussions

One of the hardest things to plan in the physical classroom is having quiet and productive discussions. Since all students are online and use different social platforms, Facebook can be a great discussion tool if you integrate a Facebook chatbot or use groups. As a teacher or a class lead, you can create a Facebook group for your classroom where the members are also your class students. Consider using a cover photo to make the group more engaging. 

In this group, you can share discussion topics and questions, assign and check homework, and post class announcements. In addition, you can also have Facebook Live lectures in case the school is closed for some reason. Your students are mostly online, so why not make them spend some valuable time on Facebook? Moreover, if you hold a course like eCommerce marketing, teach them things like how to link WooCommerce to eBay, how to create a user-friendly website, etc.

2. Create a Pinterest board

Pinterest is a popular platform among creative people who come up with exciting ideas and need to keep those ideas in some spots. Once you define some of your interests and pin some posts, the platform will later offer similar ideas for you. Whether it’s Shopify development, logo creation, or other skills, Pinterest offers endless opportunities. 

When it comes to educating, teachers, instructors, and even students can create a separate board for their class. Pinterest can be used to organize class-related resources, plans, and assignment worksheets and even get some Christmas decoration ideas for the classroom. As for students, they can pin interesting blog articles, educational podcasts, and engaging videos that can be used for learning purposes during the lesson. 

3. Share class events

The first goal of every social media platform is to market a company or an educational institution and promote it among its audience. You can also leverage it for such a purpose. So, share your class events if you want to address new students in your classroom or reach parents and target them successfully. This is genuine yet a very effective method of promotion. While users may not take it as something promotional, it can affect such a strategy over time. 

Moreover, if you share campus or school photos and fun events images, students will know what to expect when they apply to your school or university. In addition, this is also a great way to engage the students already in your school or class because they will be more enthusiastic about participating in various events. So, whether you host a business podcast or create a webinar, make sure to share all activities on different platforms. 


If you’re having a struggle engaging and providing better methods for your class to learn, social media is the perfect place. The younger generation is very active on different social platforms, so appearing in front of them will be easier. Moreover, by implementing the following tips, you can target parents interested in your school or university for their kids.